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Published Examination Results

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CWB Examination Results, 1913

Transcript from The Aberdare Leader, 19 September 1913, page 8

Aberdare County School.
Central Welsh Board Examinations.



Austin Lewis, Eng. Lang. and Lit.; History, Latin.

Amy Minty—History, French (with conv.), Botany.


Harry Allen—Eng. Lang. and Lit., History, Latin, French.

Dorothy Baigent—English Language & Literature, History, Latin, Botany.

Garfield Thomas—History, French, (with conv.), Chemistry.

D. A. Vaughan—Eng. Lang. and Lit., History, French (with conv.), Chemistry.

D. P. Williams—Eng. Lang. and Lit., French (with conv.), Chemistry.

Vaughan and Williams also passed in Latin at the Senior Stage.


Elsie Berry—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, French, Botany, Geog.

Ben Davies—Eng. Lit., History, Arith., French, Geography, Book-keeping, Shorthand.

Bessie Davies—Eng. Lit., Arithmetic, Mathematics, Latin, Welsh, Botany, Geography.

Nellie Davies—Eng. Lit., History, Arith., Maths., Latin, Welsh, Geog.

Sarah Davies—Eng. Lit., History, Arith., Welsh, Botany, Needlework.

Wm. John Davies—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, Maths., French, Geog.

Ivor Edmunds—Hist., Arith., Maths., French, Geography.

Ben Edwards—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, Welsh.

Nancy Erskine—English Lit., Arith., Maths., Latin, French (conv.).

Bronwen Evans—Eng. Lit., History. Arith., Maths., Welsh, Botany, Geography.

Lizzie R. Evans—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, French, Botany.

Winnie Evans—Eng. Literature, History, Arith., Welsh., Needlework.

Gwen Eynon—Eng. Lit., Arithmetic, French, Botany, Needlework.

Beatrice M. Francis—Eng. Lit., Hist., Arithmetic, Maths., Latin, Welsh, Botany, Geography, Needlework.

Catherine M. Hughes—Eng. Literature, History, Arithmetic, Welsh.

Frank Jeffries—English Literature, Arithmetic, Maths., French. Geog.

Cledwyn Jenkins—Eng. Lit., History, Arith., Welsh, Geography.

Sarah Jenkins—English Lit., History, Arithmetic, Latin, Welsh, Botany, Geography.

Isaac J. Lewis—English Lit., History, Arithmetic, Maths., Latin, French, Geography.

Roy Lewis—Eng. Lit., History, Arith., Maths., French, Chemistry. Geog.

Maria Morgan—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, Geography, Needlework.

David S. Nicholas—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, Latin, Welsh.

Etta Palmer—English Lit., History, Arithmetic, Welsh.

Dorothy Pardoe—Eng. Lit., Arithmetic, Maths., French, Botany, Needlework.

Ellen Parry—Eng. Literature, Arith., Welsh, Botany, Needlework.

Walter Pontin—English Literature, History, Arithmetic, Maths., Latin, Welsh, Geography.

Annie Price—English Literature, History, Arithmetic, Welsh, Botany, Needlework.

Glyn Elen Protheroe—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, Welsh, Botany.

Albert T. Rees—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, Maths., Latin, Welsh, Geography.

Jane Rees—Eng. Lit., History, Arith., Maths., Latin, Welsh, Botany, Geog.. Needlework.

Martha Roderick—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, Latin, French (conv.), Botany, Geography.

Guy Runge—Eng. Lit., Hist., Arith., Maths., Latin, French (conv.), Chem., Geog.

Sidney Silverman—Eng. Lit., Arith., Maths., Latin, French (conv.), Chemistry, Geography.

Gladys A. Smith—Eng. Lit., Arithmetic, Latin, Botany.

Minnie Tay—English Lit., History, Arithmetic, Botany, Geography.

Edgar Teague—English Literature, History, Arithmetic, French, Geog., Book-keeping, Shorthand.

Sarah M. Thomas—English Literature. History, Arithmetic, Welsh.

Frances Walters—Eng. Lit., Arith., Maths., Latin, French (conv.), Botany.

Gwilym H. Watkins—English Literature, History, Arithmetic, Maths., French (conv.), Chemistry, Geog.

Margaret Watts—Eng. Lit., History, Arithmetic, Welsh, Shorthand.

David Williams—Eng. Lit., History, Maths., French, Geography.

Laura E. Williams—English Lit., History, Arithmetic, Maths., Latin, French, Botany, Geography, Needlework.

Junior Certificates.

Bessie Algar, Herbert Berry, Cyril Chapman, Evan Geo. Davies, Wm. Howell Davies, Eileen Eggleton, Olivia G. Howells, Edward John, Irene Jones, Llywela Jones, John H. Jordan, P. H. Lindsay, Gladys Mason, John D. Powell, Emrys Prosser, Kittie Roach, Reggie Saunders, John L. Thomas. William Thomas, Arthur Venables, Willie Watkins, Ethel Williams.

Supplementary Certificates.

Annie A. Evans, Emrys Evans, Archie Jones, Mary Roderick.

The name of Mr Peter Halewood was accidentally omitted from the list of past students who have graduated this year. Mr. Halewood has taken the degree of B.A. at the University of Oxford with Honours in History.

Subjects in black letter denote distinction.


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The Aberdare Leader.

The Certificates: The Central Welsh Board, CWB, set its first examinations in 1897, and awarded its first certificates in 1899.

The Honours Stage Certificate was awarded after passing the most advanced of the CWB examinations taken by pupils aged 18 or 19 years.

The Higher Stage Certificate was taken around 18 years of age.

The Senior Certificate was taken at around 16 years.

The Junior Certificate at around 14 years, about two years after entry to the school at age 12.

The Honours Stage was phased out in 1917.

The Higher Stage Certificate remained much the same until 1951 but was renamed Higher School Certificate in 1921.

The Senior Stage Certificate became the School Certificate in 1919.

The Junior Stage Certificate was phased out after the 1921 examination.

The Supplementary Stage was taken at the end of the first year in the sixth form, but unlike the other stages could be taken in separate subjects.


Both the Honours Certificate candidates proceeded to U.C. Cardiff.
Austin Lewis was the son of the school caretaker.
Amy Violet Minty, 1896–1986, was one of the three children in the Minty family of Trecynon who attended the school. In 1913, she transferred to the new Girls’ School in Plasdraw for her final year. Some additional information about her can be found on this page.

Harry Allen was the son of F.J. Allen, confectioner of Theatre Buildings, Canon St. Harry went on to U.C. Cardiff.

Dorothy Baigent was the daughter of the gardener at Glandare House.

Garfield Thomas was from College Street, Abernant. His father worked for the Taff Vale Railway.

David Archibald Vaughan went on to U.C. Cardiff in 1915.

David Phillip Williams was the son of the park keeper who lived in the upper Park Lodge. He went on to U.C. Cardiff in 1914.

Guy Runge was the son of the watchmaker Bernhard Runge of 16 Cardiff Street. He became a secondary school teacher in Aberdare.

David S. Nicholas entered the school in 1909 at the age of 12 from Robertstown Elementary School, and quickly became an accomplished soccer player. He was capped for Wales at schoolboy level in 1912, but his career was interrupted by the World War 1, when he joined the Navy. Towards the end of the war he played several games as an amateur for Swansea before turning professional with Merthyr. However his football was once again put on hold for a few years when he entered the Carmarthen Teacher Training College. In 1921, aged 24, he joined Stoke Football Club staying until 1925; for three of those years the team played in the Football League Second Division, but for one year, 1922–23, in the Football League First Division. He returned to Swansea Town, for a further six seasons, 1924-30. He played for Wales on three occasions in the period 1921–24. Eventually he became a teacher in Aberdare.

Glynelen Protheroe married her contemporary, and classmate, Herbert Lendon Berry, they settled in Tudor Terrace in Trecynon. Her son Brian Berry features in several places on this website. H.L. Berry was the son of Richard Lewis Berry and grandson of Joseph Lendon Berry who were both notable photographers in Aberdare from about 1880 at The Globe Studios.

Minnie Tay (1893–1987) There is no explanation why Minnie was 20 years old when she sat her Senior Certificate. However, Minnie joined the committee of the Past Student Society in 1919, joining her sister Vera who was already a member. Minnie stayed a loyal committee member until the late 1920s. In 1938 she married Henry T.O. Henneage in Honiton, Devon. Her brother Frank was assistant librarian at Aberdare’s first Public Library. If you look carefully you will find Minnie in this Aberdare Town Tennis Club photograph.

Herbert Berry, (1898–1989), see above for Glynelen Protheroe. Bert was leader of the Toc H Rover Crew, and is pictured in this role in the online RCT Photographic Archive.

Emrys Prosser became an active member of the Past Students Association Committee, and a teacher at Ynyslwyd Secondary Modern School.