1958 A level Examinations

These were reported in the Aberdare Leader of August 23rd 1958. The account included information about passes, passes at Grade A and fails. Here we record only the names of those in the report.

You will see all the names of those pupils in the Cynon Valley who were in the second year of the sixth form. A small number of those listed would have completed just one year in the sixth form, having taken an A level early.

The Leader editor headed the column, ‘Higher Results’, a term used in the School Certificate days, even though the new A level system had been established for several years. It's possible that people still used the word ‘Highers’ when referring to sixth form examination results, but the quotation marks were presumably the editor's way of acknowledging the change.

Click the name of the school to see the names of the pupils:
Mountain Ash G.S.
Martyn Davies
Margaret Wyn Doward
Keith Evans
Peter James Gregory
Carol Christine Haines
David Barton Haines
Nigel James Hayes
Edward John Humphreys
Janice Hunt
Graham Jones
Gwenllian Ferguson Jones
Lorraine Elizabeth Jones
Valerie Elaine Jones
Vernice Carol Lloyd
John Thomas Morgan
Elfyn Powell
Valerie Ann Richards
John Keith Thomas
Keturah Julia Edna Thomas
Anne Irene Tiley
Eric John Williams
Abertaf Selective Secondary School
Valerie Ann Louise Gait
John Keith Jones
Aberdare Boys’ G.S.
Geoffrey Charles
Geoffrey John Baker
Stephen Morgan Barnes
William Tudor Barnes
Frederick Charles Bladon
Walter Adrian Blank
Keith Bowen
Teifion Davies Bryant
Kevin Chedgzoy
Alwyn Glyndwr Davies
David Gareth Davies
Eric Davies
Iorwerth Gwynn Aethwy Davies
John Horton Davey
Brian Charles Dennet
Philip Edward Dyton
Gerald John Edwards
Philip Alun Evans
Edward Sheridan George
David Gareth Howells
Alwyn James
Keith James
Keith Ray Jenkins
Lynden Cuddigan Jones
Richard Alan Lewis
William Morgan Lucas
Glendower Richard Melhuish
Malcolm Meredith
Brian John Messer
Melville Thomas Morgan
Richard James Parry
David Jeffrey Parsons
Brian James Perry
Robert James Price
Graham Bowen Rees
Idwal Rees
Alan William Roberts
Geraint Roberts
Kenneth Rowlands
Peter Michael Stevenson
Anthony Thomas
George Leonard Thomas
Thomas Graham Thomas
Keith Treharne
Roger John Vallis
Anthony Leacroft Williams
Aberdare Girls’ G.S.
Dorothy Sarah Ashworth
Priscilla Maureen Barnes
Beatrice Ann Cordey
Virginia Elizabeth Holman
Christine Jones
Marian Jones
Mona Jones
Lynwen Leach
Meinwen Llewellyn
Enid Hatnes Meredith Morgan
Elizabeth Margaret Probert
Pamela Reed
Pamela Riddiford
Jean Thomas
Christine Anne Turner
Angela Vaughan
Christine Whitcombe