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Past Student Association History

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A newspaper report of what seems to be the first meeting of the Past Students’ Society, 1902
(later the Past Students’ Association)

Aberdare County School.
The old students of the above school held their first Annual Picnic on Thursday, August 7th. At 12.30, the party, which numbered about 30, started from Aberdare for Pont-Neath-Vaughan. In spite of rather inclement weather, a pleasant afternoon was spent, visiting the falls in the neighbourhood.
Following the tea at the Angel Hotel, a meeting was held, at which it was unanimously decided to form an old students society. It was agreed that it should be called the Aberdare County School Past Students Society.
The following officers were elected:— President, Mr. W. Jenkyn Thomas, M.A., Head Master of County School; Vice-Presidents, Miss J. Griffiths, Mr. E.G. Miles; Treasurer, Mr. J.W. Dodgson, B.Sc.; Secretary, Mr. C.S. Reed, 2, Gloucester terrace, Aberdare.
The following were appointed members of the committee:— Misses Gwladys Rake, M. Price, Tydien Jones, M. Daniel, M.A. Williams, L. Bishop and A. Walker; Messrs. W.C. Cox, S. Shipton, N. Picton, E. Davies, E.J. Hughes and E. Parry.
The proceedings terminated with the usual votes of thanks.
Aberdare Leader, 16 August 1902