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Planning Meeting, January1950

The Aberdare Leader, 21 January 1950

Please see the 1949 Film Society entry in the PSA section for information about this film club.


AT a meeting of the Aberdare Boys’ Intermediate School Film Society last week, Mr David Hill gave a summary of the activities of the society since its formation in the early part of the autumn, and Mr. T.J. Evans gave a financial statement and commented on the rules.

After a discussion as to whether it was desirable to have a change of night, it was decided to continue holding the meetings on Thursdays.

There was a general feeling that there should be a greater number of performances in the winter of 1950–51—eight were suggested, instead of six this year. To avoid a clash with Christmas activities it was decided to hold the 1950–51 performances on the second Thursday in each month.

Then there was a discussion on the type of film which the society should show, and the general feeling of the meeting appeared to be in favour of showing serious films. On this point, the secretary said “the society should conduct a serious experiment in film appreciation, and the future selection of films should be governed by that point.”

One member of the committee expressed the view that the general feeling of the society’s members could be sounded by issuing a questionnaire at one of the meetings.

Another committee member expressed the view that it would be extremely advantageous to get a well-known film critic down to give an introductory talk during 1950–51 to outline the objects of a film society and to establish a viewpoint on film appreciation generally.

The officers—D. J. Hill (chairman), T. J. Evans (secretary) and E. J. Davies (treasurer)—were re-elected, and it was also agreed that the existing committee should be given power to co-opt a maximum of three people—if possible, people who would represent a fair cross-section of the society.

The programme for the first part of 1950 is as follows:

Thursday, Jan 26, “The Grapes of Wrath” and “The Champion” (Chaplin).

Thursday, Feb. 23, “The Overlanders” and “Instruments of the Orchestra.”

Thursday, March 30, “Une Femme Disparait” and “The beginning of history.”


Based on the famous novel by John Steinbeck, “Grapes of Wrath” is one of the greatest films on a social theme ever made in America. It deals with the adventures of a family driven from their home in the Dust Bowl of Kansas to seek work in the fruit fields of California. The story, however, is no more than a vehicle for a profounder theme—the helplessness of the unorganised poor and homeless in their search for work in the face of ruthless commercial exploitation. Brilliantly directed by John Ford, with the leading parts superbly played by John Carradine, Jane Darwell and Henry Fonda, the film was marked as the outstanding Hollywood production of 1940.

“The Champion” is one of the best of Chaplin’s early films.

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