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Examples of ABGS photos to be found in the Rhondda-Cynon-Taf Libraries Photo Archive

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The gymnasium


The Main Hall

Clock Plaque

Pink granite plaque on the clock tower, the date is 1901

Foundation Stone

Foundation Stone, behind which the time capsule was placed

Very Early Staff

Teachers circa 1910

Early Class

Very early Class Photo

Class 1939

Class Photo, 1939

No Clock

School before the clock tower was added in 1901

First War Plaque

First World War Memorial

Teachers 1922

Teachers 1922

Teachers 1923

Teachers 1923

1b 1922-23

Form 1b 1922-23

Cricket 1925

Cricket 1925

Mining Lab 1922

Opening of Evening Class Mining & Engineering Laboratory 1922

Rugby 1925-26

Rugby XV, 1925 - 1926

Rugby 1926-27

Rugby XV, 1926 - 1927

Second War Plaque

War Memorial, 1939 - 1945

Staff 1954

Staff in June 1954 at the retirement of T. Brinley Reynolds

W Jenkyn Thomas

W Jenkyn Thomas, Headmaster 1896 - 1905

W Charlton Cox

W Charlton Cox, Headmaster 1905 - 1936

Gwilym Ambrose

Gwilym Prichard Ambrose, Headmaster 1939 - 1951

T Brinley Reynolds

T Brinley Reynolds. Headmaster 1951 - 1954

Photographs reproduced with permission of Rhondda Cynon Taf Library Service

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