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Deputy Head, J. T. Bowen, installed as Aberdare Golf Club President

John Thomas Bowen, “Jack”, was a member of the Aberdare Golf Club, and in 1950 he was installed as club president. Few boys in the school realised that he had this ‘other life’ and that he enjoyed being on the golf course in Abernant.

Jack Bowen was one of the longest serving members of staff at the school. He completed exactly 40 years at Trecynon serving under five of the eight headmasters from 1918 to 1958. Although a Carmarthenshire man, Mr Bowen remained in Aberdare after he retired, but enjoyed just six years of his retirement before he died in 1964, aged 71. He lived with his wife Marjorie, née George, in Plasdraw Place, bringing up two sons John and Kenneth.

Below you’ll find the original Aberdare Leader, 24 June 1950, press report, and a transcript of it.

Golf 1950 cutting


The annual meeting of the Aberdare Golf Club, held on Tuesday week, was well attended. The president, Mr Edward Davies, was in the chair, supported by the vice-president (Mr. J. T. Bowen). The other officers were Mr. A. L. Hodge (captain), Mr W. P. Naish (vice captain), Mr. W. R. Davies (chairman of management committee), Mr. C. W. Jones (treasurer), and Mr. D. W. Evans (secretary).

J T Bowen

The president in opening the meeting, referred to the recent death of Mr. William Edwards, Lloyds Bank (at one time treasurer of the club), and Mr. A. F. Good (veterinary surgeon), a member. He went on to congratulate Division 2 on their success during the year; Coun. Peter Egan (a member), on his success at the poll; and Mr. Spencer Bird on his appointment as High Constable. He was sorry to report that Mr. D. W. Evans, who had been their hon. Secretary for 27 years, was obliged to resign for health reasons. They all sincerely hoped that he would recover soon. A ballot to appoint his successor would be held later that evening. He had now great pleasure in moving that the vice-president, Mr. J. T. Bowen, be elected president. Mr. Hodge seconded and this was carried with acclamation.

Mr. Bowen responded and moved a warm vote of thanks to the retiring president. Mr. W. R. Davies seconded and Mr. Edward Davies responded.

New vice-president Mr. Tal Williams, Plasdraw, who acknowledged.

Mr. Hodge (retiring captain), moved that the vice-captain Mr. W. F. Naish, be elected captain. Mr. Naish acknowledged and moved a vote of thanks to the retiring captain. He appealed for the effort of members during his year of office.

Mr. W. R. Davies proposed the re-election of Mr. C. W. Jones (hon. treasurer), Mr. D. L. Williams (hon. auditor), and Col. T. M. Phillips (hon. solicitor). Much to his regret he was unable to include the hon. secretary.

This proposition was unanimously agreed to.

Mr. Bryn Davies voiced the thanks of the meeting to all the officers for their good work during the year. He included Mr. and Mrs. Rees, their daughter, and Idwal, the steward. They all regretted very much the illness of their pro, Mr. David E. Rees, and hoped that he would soon be well again.

Elected on the committee, Messrs. Edward Davies, W. Howell Davies, Coun. P. Egan, D. W. Evans, W. G. Protheroe, Aubyn Roberts, Tom Winfield, Mansel Williams and Leyshon Williams.

As announced last week a ballot was held for a new secretary, and Mr. Cyril E. Edwards was elected.

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