Aberdare Boys Grammar School

Offer of a School Place, 1922

from RCT Library, Aberdare

school building

This appears to be a draft letter to parents from the Headmaster, W. Charlton Cox,
offering places at the school to a group of pupils who had previously taken
the scholarship examination
Letter of Offer page 1
The number of vacancies available is said to be 23, which strongly suggests that the elementary school pupils who had earned the higher marks in the examination had already been allocated places. By the following September 66 pupils were admitted to the Form 1 at the school. Of those pupils in the letter, all but Haydn Thomas are to be found on the school roll, and they were placed in Form 1B. In Form 1A, 30 out of 31 pupils had some type of fee exemption; in Form 1B, 3 out of 30 had fee exemption suggesting that 1A was the upper stream with boys who had scored the higher marks in the entrance examination. The remaining 5 pupils were initially placed in Form 1C, but without any explanation of why there was such a small Form.
Document image reproduced with permission of Rhondda Cynon Tâf Library Service - Data from School Records