Aberdare Boys Grammar School

Notification of Minor County Awards, 1924

from School Records

school building

A circular from County Hall, Cardiff, notifying the Headmaster of
the award of Minor County Council Scholarships,
and of School Transport arrangements.
Letter about Minor Scholarships
At this period of the School’s existence school fees were required from families to help pay for their children’s education. The School had about half of its pupils with no external financial support, but for the other half there were full and partial scholarships available for those pupils who had done well in the entrance examination. The annotations on the letter are in the handwriting of the Headmaster, W. Charlton Cox. 3Classl was the name of a Form. There was at that time 3Classl and 3Mod, differentiated by the subjects taken by the boys in those classes. Classl and Mod were abbreviations for Classical and Modern. David Bryn Lloyd would have been a transfer into a higher form from another County School.
David W. Morris is the David Walter Morris whose articles about 1920s School Staff, and the Aberdare Town Centre in the 1920s appear elsewhere on this website.