Aberdare Boys Grammar School

Receipt for school fees, 1944

from Dudley Bruton

school building

A receipt issued by Lloyds Bank as proof of payment of school fees
for pupil Dudley M Bruton for the spring term when he was in Form 1
Fee Receipt 1944
Dudley Bruton is now a retired Consultant Occupational Physician living in Oxfordshire. He attended The County School from 1943 to 1948 and lived near the School in Gadlys Road.
Also on this website is an almost identical receipt issued to Glyn John seventeen years earlier in 1927, for
£1..6s..8d. It is possible that Dudley Bruton’s school fee of £1 was less because Glyn John was in the sixth form, and Dudley in the first form, with the larger fee applying to the more senior forms. However, Dudley has pointed out that his father was in the army and it was a concessionary rate to children of servicemen. In 1896 when the school opened, the school fees were £1..10s..0d per term, so it is clear that these fees were almost static for 50 years.
In 1907 the free place scholarship system was introduced to give children from elementary schools the opportunity to go to secondary school. All grant-aided secondary schools had to admit free place scholars (not less than 25% of the previous year’s total intake) who had spent at least two years at public elementary school. Prior to 1907 there was a small number of scholarships available for deserving pupils that gave full or partial exemption from school fees. These scholarships were awarded by local benefactors such as H.C.Lewis, D.P.Davies and Charles Kenshole; the Governors also had a fund which was used to make these awards.
The 1932 economy campaign caused free places to be converted to special places for which a means-tested scale of fees was introduced. Fees for secondary schools were abolished by the Education Act 1944 (Butler Act), so this receipt must have been one of the last issued by the school.