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Analysis of Data from the Register of Scholars for the 1906 Entry

The information in the table below is about the eleventh cohort of pupils who came to the school in 1906. It gives the occupation and the address of the parent or guardian and how many children attended from that particular family. This table should be compared with the previous one for 1896.

Occupation of Parent Number of children from family Parent / Guardian
- 1 -
- 1 Rachel White, Church Villa, Aberaman
- 1 Henry Henry, 8 Agents’ Row, Abernant
- 1 Elizabeth Jones, Brickyard, Rhigos
- 1 Sarah Jones, 26 Cemetery Rd, Trecynon
- 1 Catherine J. David, The Grange, Aberaman
- 1 Elizabeth Lewis, Oaklands, Mountain Ash
Blacksmith 1 Thomas Phillips, 62 Victoria St, Mountain Ash
Blacksmith 1 John Hughes, 16 Glanant St, Aberdare
Bookseller 1 Evan Jenkins, Oxford House, Mountain Ash
Boot Dealer 1 George Bishop, 62 Tramway, Hirwaun
Builder 1 Robert Williams, 7 Richmond Rd, Hirwaun
Butcher 1 Evan Evans, 5 Ivor St, Mountain Ash
Butcher 1 William Woodford, 16 Pembroke St, Aberdare
Caretaker 1 Morgan Williams, Nanthir Cottage, Llwydcoed
Carpenter 1 David Davies, 8 Forge Row, Aberaman
Cattle Salesman 1 H. J. Morgan, Canal Head House, Aberdare
Check Weigher 1 Walter Morgan, 8 Jenkin St, Aberdare
Checkweigher 1 James Griffiths, 97 Penrhiwceiber Rd, Penrhiwceiber
Clerk in Holly Orders 1 Rev. M. Powell, Vicarage, Aberaman
Coachman 1 David Jones, 3 Highland Place, Aberdare
Collier 1 James Morris, Penry Villa, Campbell Tce, Mountain Ash
Collier 1 William T. Jones, 41 Phillip St, Mountain Ash
Collier 1 John Robert Bevan, 66 Philip St, Mountain Ash
Collier 1 Evan Evans, 104 Fforchaman Rd, Cwmaman
Collier 1 John Jones, 7 Moriah Place, Llwydcoed
Collier 1 Llewelyn Jones, Cwm Mwnt, Rhigos†
Collier 1 John H. Jenkins, Bird’s Villa, Hirwaun
Collier 1 William Williams, 110 Jubilee Rd, Aberaman
Collier 1 Henry Bowers, 56 Glyngwyn St, Mountain Ash
Collier 1 John Davies, 14 Hill Street, Aberaman
Collier 1 David Parsons, 52 Ynyslwyd St, Aberdare
Collier 1 Richard Lewis, 4 Tramway Rd, Rhigos
Collier 1 Samuel Bird, 3 Bwllfa Pl, Cwmdare
Collier 1 Evan Jones, 6 Aman St, Cwmaman
Collier 1 David Edwards, 6 Clive St, Trecynon
Collier 1 Gwilym Elias, St Fagan’s School House, Trecynon
Colliery Engineman 1 William Jones, 9 Fforchneol Row, Cwmaman
Contractor 1 John James, 9 Forge View, Cwmaman
Draper 1 Levi J. Morgan, 16 Jeffrey St, Mountain Ash
Engine Driver 1 Robert Robinson, 6 Navigation St, Mountain Ash
Engine Driver 1 Charles Morgan, 44 Penrhiwceiber Rd, Penrhiwceiber
Engineer 1 James Palmer, 43 Gadlys St, Aberdare
Farmer 1 Gwrthefyr Roderick, Bryncarnau Farm, Llwydcoed
Fireman 1 John Bryant, 2 Usk Villas, Cardiff Rd, Mountain Ash
Fruiterer 1 James H. Wiltshire, Market House, Mountain Ash
Gas-fitter &c 1 Lewis Oxenham, 13 Seymour St, Aberdare
Gold Miner 1 Thomas MacGuire, 24 London St, Mountain Ash
Grocer 1 R.L. Mathias, 9 Commercial St, Aberdare
Grocer 1 Morgan T. John, 12 Merthyr Rd, Hirwaun
Grocer 1 David Edwards, Post Office, Cwmdare
Grocer 1 John Williams, 1 Stuart St, Aberdare
Hair Dresser 1 James Berry, 13 Mill St, Aberdare
Hay Merchant 1 Jabez Gough, 65 Woodland St, Mountain Ash
Hitcher 1 Rees James Morris, 16 Cadwaladr St, Mountain Ash
Hotel Keeper 1 T.E. Bowen, Rhoswenallt, Abernant
House Furnisher 1 S.L. Goldstone, 84 Cardiff Rd, Aberaman
Insurance Collector 1 David Ashford, Llanthewy St, Aberaman
Insurance Superintendent 1 James Bosher, 8 Brondeg Tce, Aberdare
Insurance Superintendent 1 Sam Davies, Tanyrallt Villas, Penrhiwceiber
Insurance Superintendent 1 David Price, Albion Villa, Granville Tce, Penrhiwceiber
Iron Moulder 1 Howell Jones, 94 Tramway, Hirwaun
Lampman 1 George Watkins, 7 Philip St, Mountain Ash
Lessee of Market 1 David Jones, Market St, Aberdare
Licensed Victualler 1 Hugh Law, Mackworth Arms, Aberdare
Licensed Victualler 1 Henry Harris, Castle Hotel, Aberaman
M.E. 1 William Reynolds, Brynteg, Aberdare
Manager of Tin Works 1 John Williams, Werfa, Aberdare
Mason 1 Evan Jones, 2 Clarence St, Mountain Ash
Mason 1 Richard John, 27 Mt. Pleasant St, Trecynon
Miner 1 James Morris, Bryncynon Villa, Richmond Rd, Mountain Ash
Miner 1 John Davies, 45 Mt. Pleasant St, Aberdare
Miner 1 Thomas Jenkins, 31 Alma St, Aberdare
Miner 1 Llewelyn James, 113 Jubilee Rd, Godreaman
Miner 1 Sam Franklyn, 9 Engineers Row, Abernant
Minister (Baptist ) 1 Rev. George Hague, 4 Foundry Rd, Hirwaun
Minister (C.M.) 1 Rev. Morris D. Jones, Tanybryn, Mountain Ash
Minister (C.M.) 1 Rev. H.T. Stephens, Carmel Manse, Trecynon
Minister (Wesleyan) 1 Rev. T. Manuel, Bryn Sion House, Aberdare
Minister (Unitarian) 1 Rev. Melchizedec Evans, 17 Stuart St, Aberdare
Moulder 1 Edward Jones, 13 Richmond Rd, Mountain Ash
Ostler 1 John S. Tay, 38 Thomas St, Robertstown
Pawnbroker 1 R. Fine, 82 Penrhiwceiber Rd, Penrhiwceiber
Photographer 1 Ben Thomas, 27 Whitcombe St, Aberdare
Plate Layer 1 William Bowen, 12 London St, Mountain Ash
Plumber 1 William Oxenham, 22 Whitcombe St, Aberdare
Policeman 1 Charles Boulton, 1 Navigation Villas, Mountain Ash
Policeman 1 Thomas James Bryer, Police Station, Penrhiwceiber
Publican 1 Thomas Dovey, Queen’s Hotel, Aberdare
Railway Agent 1 Richard Griffiths, 91 Cardiff Rd, Aberdare
Railway Guard. T.V.R. 1 Thomas David Ingram, 12 & 13 Cross Street, Aberdare
Rate Collector 1 Angus J. Roberts, Llangynidr, Crickhowell
Refreshment House Keeper 1 W.J. Pugsley, 23 Cardiff St, Aberdare
Railway Guard 1 J.W. Burgess, 3 Graig St, Aberdare
Saddler 1 Rees Williams, 47 Wind St, Aberdare
Schoolmaster 1 William Notton, 5 Brondeg Tce, Aberdare
Signalman 1 John T. Davies, Ty Gwalia, Hirwaun
Stoker 1 Robert Jenkins, 29 Bailey St, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Stoker 1 Thomas D. Hobby, Brynhyfryd Villa, High St, Mountain Ash
Surgeon 2 Ieuan G. Thomas, Ty Clyd, Hirwaun
Surgeon 2 Hugh Davies-Jones, Melbourne House, Mountain Ash
Surveyor 1 David Lewis, 30 Byron St, Cwmaman
Tailor &c 1 Morgan W. Morgan, 55 Monk St, Aberdare
Teacher 1 R.H. Thomas, 20 Tudor Tce., Aberdare
Teacher 1 Gomer L. Davies, 15 Bronallt Tce, Abercwmboi
Tinworker 1 Fred Dance, 11 Bell St, Trecynon, Aberdare
Tinworker 1 Samuel E. Fletcher, 17 Gadlys St, Aberdare
Traffic Manager 1 Joseph Harry, 2 King St, Cwmdare
Undertaker 1 Fred D.E. George, 24 Seymour St, Aberdare
Widow 1 Emma Rate, 10 Pendarren St, Aberdare
Widow 1 T. Richards, “Almoah”, 27 Cardiff St, Aberdare
Winding Engineer 1 Michael Connolly, 8 Oakland Terrace, Aberaman

The transcription follows the original. However, contractions such as Jno, Wm, Jas have been expanded to John, William and James etc.
We suspect that Cwm Mwnt in Rhigos is an error and should be Cwm Hwnt.