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Analysis of Data from the Register of Scholars for the 1896 Entry

The information in the table below concerns the very first intake of pupils into the school. It gives the occupation and the address of the parent or guardian and how many children attended from the particular family. Looking at the spread of parental occupations, we see a variation from collier to coalowner. Notably, we see many children of shopkeepers and businessmen. It is also apparent that most of the pupils lived fairly close to the school.

Occupation of Parent Number of children
from family
Parent / Guardian
- 1 Esther Jones, 11 Lower Cwm Place
- 1 Eleanor Evans, Morlais House, Trecynon
- 1 Anne Evans, 13 Cynon Terrace, Hirwaun
Accountant 1 David Daniel (Llwydcoed House)
Accountant 2 George H. Blake, 40 Mill St, Trecynon
Assistant Overseer 1 David William Price, Ivy Cottage, Trecynon
Boot & Shoe Manufacturer 2 William Mason, 6 Clifton St, Aberdare
Boot Warehouseman 1 George Bishop, 62 Tramway, Hirwaun
Builder 1 John Morgan, 53 Monk St, Aberdare
Carpenter 1 John Davies, 13 Mary St, Aberdare
Carpenter 1 Rhys Arthur Davies, 58 Gadlys Street
Clerk 1 Samuel Shipton, Cartref, Penrhiwceiber
Clerk 1 Thomas Bryant, 10 High St,
Clerk 1 William Rowlands, Rock Villa, Mountain Ash
Clerk to School Board 1 John Morris, 21 Pendarren St
Coach-builder 1 Henry Williams, 24 High Street
Coal Merchant 1 J. W. Morgan, Ormonde Villa, Aberdare
Coal Merchant 2 J. E. Thomas, 23 Clifton St, Aberdare
Collier 1 John Lewis, 25 Pendarren St
Collier 1 John Jenkins, 14 Margaret St, Trecynon
Collier 1 Evan Evans, 1 Bwllfa Road
Collier 1 John Griffiths, 66 Oxford St, Aberdare
Collier 1 John Davies, 1 Trap Row, Aberdare
Collier 1 William Parry, 124 Cardiff Road, Aberaman
Collier 1 John Williams, 5 Llewelyn St, Trecynon
Collier 1 William Evans, 6 David Price St, Aberdare
Collier 1 Philip Perkins, 14 Rachel St, Aberdare
Collier 1 Daniel Davies, 11 Merthyr Rd, Llwydcoed
Collier 1 John Davies, 2A Hill St, Aberaman
Collier 1 Thomas Griffiths, 3 Beddo St, Aberaman
Collier 1 Thomas James, Rhigos Rd, Hirwaun
Collier 1 Simeon Worman, 89 Wind St, Aberdare
Colliery Cashier 1 Simon Picton , The Ivy Green, Hirwaun
Colliery Manager 1 Edward Shaw, 35 Glan Road, Aberdare
Colliery Manager 1 Isaac H. Jones, The Lilacs, Hirwaun
Colliery Manager 1 T. Railton, Mill House, Aberaman
Colliery Manager 1 H. H. Evans (Guardian), Park Isaf, Cwmdare
Colliery Manager 2 W. J. Heppel (Fforchneol House, Cwmaman)
Colliery Proprietor 1 James Phillips, 20 Clifton Street
Commercial Traveller 3 Fred Allen, Fernleigh, Aberdare
Contractor 1 Benjamin Williams, 13 Regent St, Blaengwawr
Contractor 1 James Hek, 42 Gloster St
Cooperative Store Manager 1 John Morgan, 14 Llewellyn St, Trecynon
Cooperative Store Manager 1 William Williams, 1a John St., Capcoch
Draper 1 Jane Jones, Emporium, Mountain Ash
Draper 1 W. J. Davies, 49, Gadlys Road, Aberdare
Draper 1 James Davies, Commerce House
Draughtsman 1 William Morgan, 10 Agents Row
Employed at Colliery 1 Rees Rees, 14 Trap Road
Engine Driver 1 George Thomas, 45 Gloucester St, Aberdare
Engine Driver 1 William Caldicott, 23 Dean St, Aberdare
Engine Driver 1 David James, 19 Montague Terrace
Engine Driver 1 John Murray, 55 Dean Street
Engine Driver 1 George Thomas, 45 Gloster St
Engine Fitter 1 Richard P. Jones, 22 Canon St, Aberdare
Engineer 1 Hayward’s Heath, D. J. John (Guardian) 10 Cross St
Engineer 1 Charles M. Bolitho, 71 Glanaman Road
Farmer 1 William James, Cwmneol Farm, Cwmaman
Farmer 1 John Rees, Llwyn-y-Gwin Farm, Glynneath
Farmer 1 Evan Harris, Heollas Farm, Penderyn
Farmer 1 Thomas Davies, Abercwmboy House, Nr Aberdare
Fireman 1 William Jenkins, 25 Dumfries St
Furniture Dealer 1 William Probert, Glanffrwd, Mountain Ash
General Dealer 1 Franz Xaver Metz, 5 Cardiff Street
Grocer 1 Edwin Thomas, Brock Villa, Harlech Place, Aberdare
Grocer 1 Evan Williams, 38 Canon St, Aberdare
Grocer 1 Thomas Edmunds, Dove House, Mountain Ash
Grocer 1 John Gandy, 41 Penn St, Treharris
Grocer 1 A. Rees, 59 Station Road, Hirwaun
Grocer 1 Evan Jones, 77 Gadlys Road
Guard 1 John Morgan, 42 Monk St, Aberdare
Hairdresser 1 Howell Howells, 84, Gadlys Road
Haulier 1 Joseph Jones, 3 Frederick St., Trecynon
Haulier 1 Rees Morgan, 4 Mary St, Aberdare
Hotel Keeper 2 David Hughes, Boot Hotel
Insurance Superintendent 1 J. W. Harris, 24 Dean St, Aberdare
Ironmonger 1 John Davies, 6 Cardiff St, Aberdare
Ironmonger 1 Charles Reed, 2 Gloster Terrace
Ironmonger 1 Charles Reed, 2 Gloster Terrace
Lampman at Colliery 1 John Sims, 7 Fforchaman Rd
Licensed Victualler 1 Eliza Jane Foster, Cardiff Arms Hotel, Hirwaun
Mason 1 Eli Walker, 37 Davis St, Aberaman
Mason 1 Samuel Jones, 9/10 John St., Hirwaun
Mechanical Engineer 1 Joseph Martin, 13 Belmont Terrace
Merchant 1 Evan Morris, 28 Rheola St, Penrhiwceiber
Mining Contractor 1 Edward Morgan, 1 Bute Terrace, Penderyn Rd, Hirwaun
Mining Engineer 1 R. Llewellyn, Bwllfa House, Cwmdare
Minister (Baptist) 1 Benjamin Evans, 44 Gadlys Road
Minister (Baptist) 1 Thomas Jones, 3 Highland Place
Minister (Unitarian) 3 Rees Jenkin Jones, Broniestin, Aberdare
Minister (Wesleyan) 2 Thomas Manuel, Brynhyfryd Villa, Mountain Ash
No employment 1 James Garrett, 50 Hirwaun Road, Aberdare
Photographer 2 B. Thomas, 20 Commercial Street
Police Inspector 1 John Davies, Police Station, Aberdare
Policeman 1 Thomas Hughes, 9, John Street, Hirwaun
Printer 1 William Wilcox, 17 Cardiff St
Printer 1 Jenkin Howell, 16 Commercial Place
Pumper 1 Thomas Morgan, 41 Rheola St, Penrhiwceiber
Purveyor of Meat 1 Evan Davies, 8 Cardiff St, Aberdare
Purveyor of Meat 2 R. H. Miles, 27 Commercial Place (Victoria Sq.)
Railway Porter 1 John Evans, 38 Cardiff St, Aberdare
Relieving Officer 1 Llewelyn Richards, 2 Glan-nant St
Retired Grocer 1 Henry Eynon, Maesteg House, Mountain Ash
Saddler 1 J. G. Churchill, Commercial Place, Aberdare
Schoolmaster 1 John Griffiths, Park House School
Schoolmaster 1 John Arthur Williams, Board School Cwmaman
Schoolmaster 2 William Theodore Roberts, 343 Cardiff Road
Schoolmistress 1 M. E. Jones, 18 Davies St, Aberaman
Schoolmistress 1 M. S. James, 8 Victoria St., Cwmbach
Shepherd 1 William Evans, Ysguborwen Farm
Shop-Keeper 1 Mary Ann Thomas, 40 Oxford St, Mountain Ash
Stationer 1 Catherine Grier Jones, Stationer's Hall, M. Ash
Stationmaster 2 Edgar C. Teague, 3 Jenkin St
Tailor 1 John Davies, 10 Ynyslwyd Street
Timberman 1 Evan James, Teify House, Penrhiwceiber
Timberman 1 John Jenkins, 29 Cemetery Road
Tin-Works Mechanic 1 Thomas David, Gadlys Cottage
Traveller 1 T. G. Havard, 19 Hawthorne Terrace, Wind St.
Trimmer 1 Jenkin Rowlands, 3 Company Farm, Llwydcoed
Widow 1 Mary Crowley, 58 Monk St, Aberdare
Widow 1 Mary Jones, 29 Bell St., Trecynon
Widow 1 Alice Jones, 80 Brecon Road, Hirwaun
Widow 1 Martha Davies, 7 Cornerhouse St, Llwydcoed
Widow 3 Mary Ann Williams, Bruce Villa, Hirwaun

53 of these pupils were recorded as being the recipients of scholarships, denoted as either full or half.
Most of these awards are recorded as being County Scholarships, but there were others, such as the D.P. Davies, Kenshole and H. C. Lewis scholarships.