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The Headmaster’s Letter to Parents
following the fire at Rhydywaun School.
Spring Term, 1979

from School Records


To Parents/Guardians of pupils formerly housed at Rhydywaun
Lower Comprehensive School.

Since fire damage at Rhydywaun has denied your children the use of that School, I have tried on two occasions (January 23rd and February 1st) to arrange meetings to give you some indication of the alternative arrangements being made for your children. Unfortunately, both proposed meetings could not take place, as a result of industrial action. As there is still uncertainty about the future of the wage negotiations now taking place, I am therefore writing to you instead.

The problem after the fire of January 7th, was where to house 361 Secondary pupils. This was clearly a difficult task. Secondary school children need far more than basic form-room provision, but the first aim was obviously to provide them with essential accommodation. In view of the size of the problem, the re-housing of your children was effected as quickly as possible, with the co-operation of the County and District Offices concerned.

141 children (Form 1) are at present housed at the Upper Comprehensive 3chool. This imposes considerable strain on resources, as the school is just ‘comfortable’ with a population of 600. However, the provision of some demountable classrooms in the play area will relieve some over-crowding.

76 children (Form 3) are now accommodated at the Old Hirwaun Infants’ School, where they have the use of four rooms and two halls.

69 children (Form 4) are using three rooms at Y Gadlys School Lower Comprehensive.

75 children (Form 5) have four rooms and the use of a Lecture Theatre at the College of Further Education.

Specialist facilities for your children present a greater problem. The priority for these is going to pupils in Form 4 and 5 who are in or approaching their examination year. There has to be some sharing, but everything will be done to see that what facilities there are available are used to maximum advantage for all children.

Arrangements are being made for the use of Hirwaun Y.H.C.A. and the Sobell Sports Centre for P.E./Recreational use. Provision for continuing Craft work at the different sites are [sic] also being made. Additional demountable classrooms are to be provided at Y Gadlys School. Everything is being done to ensure that your child’s education will suffer as little as possible despite the fire which prevents us using the school which provided such excellent facilities.

You may be sure that the staff and I will do all we can to minimise this disruption in your child’s school life.

We all look forward to having all our displaced children under one roof again.

I shall be pleased to answer any of your general enquiries and if you have a problem relating particularly to your own child, I remind you of the staff you should consult first :-

Forms 1 and 2 - Mr.G.P.Walters.  Forms 3 and 4 - Mr.K.Griffiths.
Forms 5 and 6 - Mr.D.L.Jones.

As we are now scattered over several sites, it would probably be easier for you to direct any telephone enquiries to the Upper School (Aberdare 872642), where they will be passed on to the appropriate member of staff.