Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School History

school building

Names of pupils who were in the 1972 Entry

from School Records

Form 1L Form 1M Form 1S
Simon Bird
Peter Burrows
Gareth Chivers
Ninian Cole
Stephen Cooke
Christopher Davies
David Huw Davies
Phillip Davies
Jonathan Dunning
Keith Edwards
Stephen Edwards
Neil Evans
Paul Mark Evans
Philip Evans
Michael George
Philip Godfrey
Robin Jenkins
Andrew Jones
Nigel Koscielny
Graham John Lewis
Philip Lewis
Russell Lloyd
Geraint Morgan
Paul Morgan
Jeremy Morris
Mark Stephen Powell
Christopher Soal
Paul Thomas
Steven Thompson
Terence Walters
Christopher Mark Williams
Peter Williams
Gordon Benn
Roberto Bianchi
Stephen Couzens
Alan Culliford
Colin Davies
Neil Llewellyn Davies
Richard Wyn Edwards
Daryl Fryer
Clive Gait
Glenn Glover
Gareth Griffiths
Kelvin Griffiths
Adrian Harford
Paul Harris
Simon Christian Jones
Gareth Lewis
Julian Morgan
Steven Palmer
Ross Phillips
Stuart Phillips
David A. Richards
Derek Roberts
Kelvin Samuel
Kingsley Samuel
Timothy Starling
Peter Stonelake
Andrew Stride
Keith Summerhayes
David Thomas
Martin Thomas
Martin Wilkins
Jonathan Huw Williams
Philip Adams
Mark Tudor Bevan
Richard Bevan
Michael James Butler
Michael Coleman
Gary Cousins
Adrian Creedon
Carl Davies
Mark J. Davies
Gerald Evans
Keith Evans
Ian Hopkins
Anthony Jenkins
Stephen Mark Jones
Stuart Kedward
Peter Lawrence
Timothy Lewis
Hywel Matthews
Adrian Morgan
Simon Parry
Mark Pavett
Christopher Peglar
Kelvin Rees
Neil Rogers
Ian Rood
Jeffrey Thomas
Jeffrey Owen Thomas
Philip Thomas
Russell Walters
Mark Webb
Michael Williams

Entering from other secondary schools, the group of pupils below joined various year groups at ABGS according to their age; some entered the sixth form.

Stephen Thomas Burrows
Kevin Davies
Mark Davies
Robert Dunwoodie
Roger Eastlake
Michael Griffiths
Nigel Paul Griffiths
Stephen Harding
Michael Healey
Keith David James
Stephen Rowland James
David Etherington Jones
Nicholas John Lloyd
Emlyn Roberts
Neil Owen Roberts
Erick Templeman
Kevin Thomas
Gary Turley
Paul Williams
Peter Benton
David Anthony Carr
David Raymond Starritt
Nigel Roderick Watts
Ralph James Perry
Ellis Wyn Howell