Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School History

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Names of pupils who were in the 1969 Entry

from School Records

Keith Abbott
Martin Barrett
Stephen Brown
Brynmor T. Carlyon
Carl A. Cousins
Peter Cummings
Keith Davies
Lyndon A. Davies
Mark P. Davies
Mark S. Davies
Michael W. Davies
Wayne Davies
Robert Deacon
Nicholas W.H. Edmunds
David P. Edwards
David R. Edwards
Mark Edwards
Phillip Edwards
Robert A. Edwards
Julien D. Ellis
David M. Evans
Kevin R. Evans
Stuart L. Evans
Kevin D. Felton
Peter L. Forey
Richard A. Gledhill
Philip J. Green
Michael Griffiths
Michael G. Griffiths
Brian P. Harding
David R. J. Harris
Wilfred M. Houseman
Paul M. Howells
Gareth Hughes
Mark Huish
Roger D. Israel
Thomas A.C. James
Steven W. Jarvis
Kevin A. Jenkins
Robert B. Jenkins
David A. Jones
David M. Jones
Derek N. Jones
Mark Jones
Rhys R. Jones
Robert L. Jones
Jeffrey Joseph
Kelvin Lake
Anthony Lewis
Nigel Martin Lewis
Andrew Stephen Lister
John Love
Kevin E. Mann
Anthony Markiewicz
Huw T. Meyrick
Simon J. Milton
Peter I. Mitchell
Anthony D. Morgan
Philip A. Morgan
Mark Neale
Adrian Perkins
Jeffrey Peters
Carl Phillips
Gary M. Phillips
Malcolm G. Phillips
Phillip D. Picton
Adrian N. Ponting
Anthony Price
Gareth J. Rees
Philip H. Scourfield
Philip R. Stansfield
Wayne Stickler
Christopher G. Taylor
Graham T. Templeman
Allan G. Thomas
Colin Thomas
David Arwyn Thomas
David Alan Thomas
Kenneth Thomas
Leighton Thomas
Phillip M. Thomas
Peter G. Thornton
Jeremy G. Turner
Clive Warren
Alun Williams
Derek K. Williams
John H. Williams
Raymond L. Williams
Ross Williams
Norman N. Woolley

In addition to these Form 1 pupils, there was a another group of pupils who joined various existing year groups at ABGS according to their age

Tyrone A. Rees
Roger Bevan
Graham Hill
David M. Jones
Stephen Lloyd
Robert Owen
Wm. John Scanlan (Polkinghorne)
Alan Richards
Kevin Davies
David M. Evans
Peter Knight
Michael G. Maddy
Malcolm Beddow
Mark W. Jones
David B. Rees
Stuart J. Whippey
Stephen Jarvis
Alun Roberts
Gregory Bull
Byron Evans
Byron Parker
John S. Pritchard
David C. Smith
Giacomo Brugnoli
David J.J. Bowen
Leslie Cartwright