Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School History

school building

Names of pupils who were in the 1962 Entry

from School Records

James Abbott
T. Michael Anderson
Royden Beverley Bennett
David J. J. Bowen
James Clatworthy
David Cochlin
David A. Sidney Collins
William Patrick Condon
Howard W. Cook
Leighton J. Cooke
Brian Davies
David William Davies
Denzil Davies
Michael Wyn Davies
Noel J. Davies
Warren J. Davies
Michael C. Donnelly
Colin Duncan
Francis Rees Edwards
Peter Evans
Robert Evans
John A. Fairfax
Terence C. Hall
Dennis Hamments
Arwyn Harris
Michael Anthony Harris
Colin Hergest
Frederick J. Hippsley
Alun J. Hoare
Frederick G. Howarth
Graham Hughes
Alun Wyn Jenkins
Peter Rees Jones
John Alan Keats
Jeffrey Lacey
Graham J. Lewis
Cyril W. Lloyd
Barrie E. Mills
Keith Morgan
Kenneth Morgan
William D. B. Morgan
Brian O’Grady
Tudor Wyn Owen
Roy Parry
Alan Phillips
Jeffrey Philo
Colin Picton
Wayne H. Powell
Alun D. Rees
John Richards
Simon A. Rowlands
David James Samuel
Glenn Samuel
J. Lyn Sherwood
David J. M. Smith
Ronald Steed
Keith Thomas
Martin J. Thomas
Michael E. Thomas
Dennis Brian Turner
Robert J. Turner
Bryan Webber
Kenneth Alun Williams
Steven Raymond Williams

Also entering the school, some from other secondary schools, the group of pupils below joined various year groups at ABGS according to their age; some entered the sixth form. A third small group re-entered the school after having left previously.

Gwynne Evans
Aneuryn Hughes
Robert Philip Williams
Kenneth John Lawrence
Hywel J. Davies
Russell H. George
Barrie Roger Jones
D. Geoffrey Kerley
Geraint Wyn Thomas
Anthony James
Roger Lewis Davies
John Beresford Williams