Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School History

school building

Names of pupils who were in the 1961 Entry

from School Records

William G. Bevan
Alfred Davies
Christopher Wayne Davies
Howard Edmund Davies
Ronald Davies
Roger A. Dillon
Roger G. Emm
Ernest John Evans
Huw Evans
Paul Geoffrey Evans
Wynne Jeffrey Evans
Bryan Griffiths
Roger Griffiths
David J. Harrison
John S. Harvey
Robert B. Herrick
Adrian G. Howells
David M. Howells
Robert L. James
Hywel Jenkins
David Barrie Jones
James S.K. Jones
John Clifford Jones
Keith Jones
Alan Knight
Christopher D. Leather
John R. Lee
Eric R. Lewis
Graham Lewis
Byron Llewellyn
David W. Llewellyn
K. Martin Lloyd
Robert H.J. Michael
Barrie Morgan
Gareth Floyd Morgan
Vivian Morgan
Keith Morris
Michael J.A. Murphy
Michael G. Newman
Richard Pilarg
Alun Powell
Graham Price
Robert Owen Price
Robert W. Pritchard
Anthony Rolls
David Roscoe
Brian Scott
Alan C. Spyhey
John A.D. Sturgess
Anthony Thomas
Gerwyn Thomas
Huw Llewellyn Thomas
Nicholas Kerry Thomas
Peter Thomas
Robert John Thomas
Ian R. Thompson
John A. Vaughan-Williams
Malcolm Watkins
Alun Huw Williams
Anthony Williams
Glyn B. Williams
Mansel J. Williams
Robert A. Williams
Leslie A. Winter
Beverley M. Wyatt

Also entering the school, some from other secondary schools, the group of pupils below joined various year groups at ABGS according to their age; some entered the sixth form. A third small group re-entered the school after having left previously.

John Peter Davies
Owen Martyn Evans
Stefan Sidorowicz
Thomas Allan Morris
David Vernon James
David Griffith Llewellyn
David Rhidian Thomas
David Bowen Evans
Allan Bowen
Kerri Jones
David Butler Edwards
William Royston Griffiths
David Clive Williams

Between January 1st and the end of the summer term 1961, the following boys joined the school.

William D. Bannister
David B. Parmiter
Vernon Chew
John C. Burgess
Graham F. Look