Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

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Names of pupils who were in the 1958 Entry

from School Records

Robert Clive Adlam
John Ashley
Alan S. Blackman
Philip A. Bureau
Michael Burford
Anthony Christopher
James Christopher
David L. Coombs
Vivian Cooper
Richard H. Coulthurst
John H. Cunnick
Charles David
Lester D. Davies
Martin H. Davies
Martin J. Davies
Stewart J. Davies
Ian Duncan
Richard Edwards
Allen England
Charles S. Evans
Richard J. Evans
Rosslyn Evans
Thomas G. Evans
D. Robert Fowler
William M.K. Gabbett
Roger D. Goss
Donald J. Hacker
David R. Harris
Robert M. Havard
John N. Hopkins
Roger Ellis Humphreys
Michael H. Hussey
Russell G. D. James
William Barrie Jenkins
Christopher D.H. Jones
Gareth W. Jones
Peter Alan Jones
P. Arlan Jones
Terence Keith Jones
Robert Knock
Stephen Richards Lewis
Peter A.H. Lipscombe
Richard Llewellyn
Garfield Loung
Colin Morgan
Ivor Lewis Morris
Colin Moseley
Michael J. Neads
David M. Olden
Michael E. Peake
Huw R. Phillips
D. Wayne Powell
Philip V. Rees
John Richards
Jeffrey Lynn Rogers
John R. Samuel
Gabriel Servini
Martyn R. Smith
Stuart D. Summerhayes
Vivian Weekes
Alun Melvyn Wilcox
Keith Williams
Paul Wyatt

The group of pupils below also entered the school in the autumn of 1958 from other secondary schools, or rejoined the school after leaving previously. They joined various year groups at ABGS according to their age.

John R. Oakley
Patrick C. Oakley
Graham Bevan
Raymond Chaney
Brian Howells
John James
Anthony Lewis
Randall Mathieson
Aubrey B. Mayhin
Colin David Morgan
Graham J. Wright
David Graham Bevan
John O. Griffiths
David B. Lambert
Kenneth E. Reynolds
Nigel J. Hayes
Frederick C. Bladon

This last group consists of pupils who entered the school in the spring or summer terms of 1958 from other secondary schools. They joined various year groups at ABGS according to their age.

Hugh Llewellyn Clatworthy
David E. D. Murphy
Philip D. Price*
Eric M. Riden
Alan D. Evans

* Philip David Price started in Form 1A at ABGS at the beginning of the summer term 1958. His family had arrived in Aberdare from Carmarthen where Philip attended Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.
Following the departure of T.R. James in December 1957, Philip’s father David W. Price commenced his duties as head of the mathematics department shortly after Philip arrived. Tragically, on 5th September 1958 Philip was killed in a road accident.
His father stayed in post at ABGS until 1972. His mother Mrs Elizabeth Price, lectured on the pre-nursing course at the Aberdare College of Further Education.
Philip had two sisters: Mary Christine Price and Eleanor Jean Price. Christine followed in her father’s footsteps gaining at A level in 1961, a distinction in pure maths, with other passes in applied maths and physics. The younger sister, Jean, gained the senior open scholarship to study Biology at UCW Aberystwyth in 1967. She studied Chemistry, Botany and Zoology at A level gaining As in the biological subjects.