Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School History

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Names of pupils who were in the 1956 Entry

from School Records

Clive A.R. Adkins
David Jonathon Baker
David G. Baldock
Robert Bassett
Malcolm F. Bishop
Francis Bryant
David Martin Burridge
Adrian Cheap
George Conway
John Gwynfor Daniel
Eric H. Davies
John Davies
Michael Henry Davies
Norman Davies
Colin Dunn
Derek Evans
Lyndon Rees Evans
Edwin John George
Roger L. Griffiths
Sidney Melvyn Holmes
Alan G. Howells
Terence T. Hughes
Michael Donald Hunter
John Jenkins
Alvin Kerry Jones
Gareth Ronald Jones
Gwyn Hughes Jones
Kinley Jones
Peter Jones
Michael J. Kedward
Alan Kerslake
Roger R. Key
Clive Lewis
Russell David Lloyd
Howard Luke
John Marsh
John Lewis Meredith
John H.C. Merriman
Henry Gordon Morgan
Keith Nicholas
Anthony Ray Phillips
Edward Alan Phillips
John Keri Phillips
Michael Pope
Edward John Powell
J. Gareth Prince
Derryck Rees
Vivian Rees
R. Clive Richards
Eric M. Riden
John O.H.N. Rivers
David E. Roberts
David Lyn Smith
Roger Morley Smith
Brinley Howard Thomas
Gabe Treharne
Howard C. Turnbull
Ernest John Watkins
Meirion R. Weekes
Jeffrey Whitcombe
Alun John Williams
Clifford Williams
David Arwyn Williams
Mansel John Williams
Peter Williams
Stuart Dennis Williams

The group of pupils below also entered the school in the autumn of 1956 from other secondary schools, or rejoined the school after leaving previously. They joined various year groups at ABGS according to their age.

Howard Charles Dickson
Albert Constance
Ronald James Edwards
David John Howells
Robert Humphreys
David John Long
Antonio Tedaldi
Barrie Thomas
Richard David Williams
David Gareth Davies
Glendower R. Melhuish
Kenneth Williams

The third group consists of a pupil who entered the school in the spring or summer terms of 1956 from another secondary school. He joined a year group at ABGS according to his age.

Ronald Cooper