Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

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Names of pupils who were in the 1950 Entry

from School Records

Malcolm Nathaniel Atkinson
Frederick Bladon
W. Adrian Blank
Keith Bowen
Alan Geoffrey Brown
David Beresford Collins
Jeffrey H. Cummings
David Keith Davies
Elwyn Davies
Roger Leonard Davies
Philip E. Dyton
David Royston Evans
Eifion Evans
Frederick Maurice Evans
Glyndwr Evans
Robert James Evans
Thomas Raymond Evans
Robert Eynon
Russell Fell
Keith Fenwick
Gwynfor Griffiths
David Albert O. Harries
Kenneth James Harriett
David Gareth Howells
John P. Isles
D. Peter Jenkins
Keith Ray Jenkins
Alan Jones
Howard Jones
Leslie Jones
Ronald Jones
William Christopher King
Gerald Lewis
Graham Lewis
Richard Alan Lewis
William M. Lucas
David Ernest Mathias
Malcolm Meredith
Alun T. Morgan
Dilwyn Nicholas
Royston North
William Owen
Frank Raymond Palmer
David Jeffrey Parsons
David Charles Penry
Jeffrey Morgan Price
Windsor Prosser
Elfed Anthony Pugh
Colin John Sheldon
Peter Michael Stevenson
Keith Stone
Kenneth Thomas
Thomas Graham Thomas
Roger J. Vallis
Anthony Leacroft Williams
David Mason Williams
Graham Thomas Williams
Keith Williams
Malcolm Thomas Williams
Reginald Williams
Ronald Victor Williams

The pupil listed below also entered the school in 1950 but in the summer term, and from another secondary school. He joined a year group at ABGS according to his age.

Henry Franklin

The pupils listed below also entered the school in the autumn of 1950 but from other secondary schools. They joined higher year groups at ABGS according to their age.

Christopher Evan Clifford
Brian Marchant Welsby
Derek David Phillips
Neville David Williams