Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

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Names of pupils who were in the 1949 Entry

from School Records

Gareth Wynford Andrews
David Brian Baker
Michael John Barnes
Maurice Britz
John Neville Bryant
Malcolm Bureau
Brinley Burton
Brian Cole
Terence Couzens
Clive Davies
Morton Rees Davies
Mostyn Davies
Merlyn Edwards
David Sidney Evans
Leslie Evans
Raymond John Evans
William Meredith Evans
David Walter Fitton
Eric Lacklan Fryer
Eric John Gillett
Colin Anthony Green
Thomas Fredk. Elwyn Griffiths
Dudley James Hayes
Denis Hole
Anthony R. Howells
Elfed Howells
Colin Thomas Ingram
Alwyn James (Godreaman)
Alwyn James (Hirwaun)
Brian Price Jeffery
Brian Jenkins
Colin Jones
Cyril James Jones
David Jones
David E. Jones
Douglas Vincent Jones
Malcolm John Jones
Melvyn Prosser Jones
Thomas Brynmor Jones
Douglas Alan Knowles
John Lawrence
Bryan Lloyd
Robert Clive Manning
David Morgan Meredith
Norman Morgan
Wynford Brian Morris
Dennis Rees Moseley
John Colin North
Alan Power
Vincent Ray
Alan Miles Reynolds
Huw Rosser
Kenneth Rowlands
John W. Thomas
Michael David Thomas
William Ewart Thomas
Philip Morris Walters
Thomas William Warlow
David Stanley Williams
Idris Verdun Williams

The pupils listed below also entered the school in 1949 but in the summer term, and from another secondary school. They joined a year group at ABGS according to their age.

Ceri Wyn Morgan Arthur Clive Evans

The pupils listed below also entered the school in the autumn of 1949 but from other secondary schools. They joined higher year groups at ABGS according to their age.

John Roger Coulthurst
Alexander Kennedy
Graham Ralph Phillips
Glyndwr Morgan Lewis