Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

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Names of pupils who were in the 1948 Entry

from School Records

Malcolm Francis Andrews
Melvin George Booth
William Ralph Crooks
John Davies (Aberaman)
John Davies (Abercwmboi)
Lyndon Haydn Drew
John Evans
Melvyn Evans
Melvyn Ifor Evans
John Frederick Escott
Graham Griffiths
Malcolm Bryan Gully
Michael Francis Hannan
Malcolm Stuart Jessup
Derek Kedward
Basil John Lewis
Keith Lewis
David Keith Little
Hedleigh Hubert Marsh
Robert Thomas Matthews
William John Mort
Kenneth Nicholas
John Joseph O’Callaghan
Derek John Organ
William Tobias Simmons
Ralph Slater
Jeffrey Thomas
Godfrey Frederick Turnbull
Alun Vaughan
Philip Charles Verrier
Ronald Malcolm Williams
John Baker
Alun Christopher Davies
Dennis Robert Davies
Elfed Davies
Kenneth Elias
Dennis Herbert Gould
Kenneth Griffiths
Roger Hoyle
Henry Owen Hughes
Gareth George Jones
Peter Lewis Jordan
John Barnard Lloyd
Alan Morgan
Victor Morgan
William Edwin Neale
Gerald Owen
Michael Charles Owen
Clive Pavett
David Mansel Phillips
Thomas John Price
Trevor Rees
Brian Slocombe
Nicholas Stonelake
Ceri Taylor
Gerald Thomas
Sidney Joseph Wilkins
David Raymond Williams
Kenneth Williams
Thomas Charles Williams
Windsor Williams
Alan Abraham
John Barrington Brookes
David K. Cooke
David Brian Daniels
David Geraint Davies
Kenneth Davies
William Michael Davies
Roy Dillon
Elvan Evans
Jeffrey Evans
Alan Figgins
Raymond Gozzett
William Kerrigan Griffiths
Keith Hoare
John Lewis
William Gerald Lewis
Leonard James Llewellyn
Brian Thomas Lloyd
David Gerald Morgan
Roy Phillips
William Edward Powell
Gareth Price
Anthony Ryan
Brian Scammells
Malcolm Shelland
Colin Spratling
William Ronald Stephens
Clive Thomas
Robert Desmond Vater
John While
Dilwyn Rees Williams

In 1948 the governors agreed to a 50% increase in the school entry - a decision that was not supported by the LEA.

The data is presented in the order shown in the school records. It suggests that each column contains the names of the boys in one of the three first-year forms.

The pupil listed below also entered the school in 1948 but in the summer term, and from another secondary school. He joined a year group at ABGS according to his age.

John Charles Herbert Jarvis

The pupils listed below also entered the school in the autumn of 1948 but from other secondary schools, or re-entered ABGS. They joined higher year groups at ABGS according to their age.

Keith Alun Rowlands
John Telford Crowther-Green
Peter David Anthony
Douglas Graham Rees
Bernard Grant Evans
Marsden Williams
Gareth Wells Freebury
Gareth David Evans