Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

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Names of pupils who were in the 1947 Entry

from School Records

John Beddoe
Alan Yorath Biggins
Howard Boulton
John Bowen
Roy Brackstone
Thomas Colin Burke
Jeffrey Cole
Brian Thomas Cooke
Brian Crocker
David Howard Dally
Gareth Richard Davies
Rawlyn Rowe Davies
Terence Davies
William Davies
William John Davies
Wallace William Derrick
Gareth Norman Evans
Griffith Thomas John Evans
John Evans
William Ernest Evans
Kenneth David Green
Howard Ezer Griffiths
Terence Harding
Albert Ronald Hathaway
David Colin Ireland
Dennis Price Jenkins
Elfed Graham Jones
Frederick Thomas Jones
Ronald Lawrence
Colin Leonard Leeke
Brian James Lewis
John Lloyd
John Manser
Dennis Morgan
Raymond Moore
James Anthony Morris
Brian Vernon Moss
Anthony Charles Palmer
Brian Colin Phillips
Kenneth James Phillips
John Presswood
Norman Owen Price
Emrys Howard Prytherch
Donald Marshall Rees
Walter Wynn Rees
David Edwin Reynolds
Micael James Roach
Kenneth Malcolm Roberts
Brian Hastings Smith
David George Taylor
Brian John Hitchings
David John Gilbert Thomas
David Morley Thomas
William Elfed Thomas
Robert Ward
Brian Williams
Richard John Williams
Raymond John Willicombe
David Royston Workman
Brian Neville Astrand
Eric Lionel Davies
Glanville Rogers Davies
Alun Evans
Charles R. Frame
Terence R. Hanford
John Penry Hillman
Kenneth Hole
Brain Jones
David John Jones
William Richard Jones
Raymond George Kerslake
Peter L. Lane
Walter David Leonard
Cyril Austin Lewis
Keith Magor
Leslie Jonathan Millard
Russell Morgan
John Llewellyn Parker
Malcolm Thomas Phillips
David Eric N Pugsley
Peter Arnold Rees
Thomas Ifor Robinson
Herbert Glanville Rowley
Malcolm Brian Sawyer
Donald Thomas
Alan Thatcher Williams
John Penfro Williams
Thomas Arwyn Williams
Raymond T. Williams
David H. Lewis
Colin Francis

In 1947 the governors agreed to a 50% increase in the school entry — a decision that was not supported by the LEA.

The data is presented in the order shown in the school records.

The pupils listed below also entered the school in 1947 but in the spring & summer terms, and from other secondary schools. They joined year groups at ABGS according to their ages.

Leslie Evans
Colin Prosser Hodgson
Colin Hemming
Brian John Evans

The pupils listed below also entered the school in the autumn of 1947 but from other secondary schools, or re-entered ABGS. They joined higher year groups at ABGS according to their age.

Clifford Lamburn
Ronald Sidney Hedges
Peter Bright
Leonard Williams
John Alwyn Davies
Mostyn Thomas
John Dewi Emrys Lewis