Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

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Names of pupils who were in the 1942 Entry

from School Records

1 Alpha

1 A

Ronald Stephen Ackerman
Kenneth Cyril Baker
John Elias Baverstock
Bryan Bond
Brian Butler
Francis John Cole
Gordon Stanley Ellis
Bernard Grant Evans
Norman Griffiths
Arthur Braddon Harp
Ray Harris
Kenneth Llewellyn Hitchings
John Howard Charles James
John Gwyn Jenkins
Trevor James John
David John Jones
Gordon Jones
Sidney Lewis
John Aeron Lewis Morgan
John James Oakley
Thomas Iorweth Owen
Peter Downing Prosser
David George Pugsley
Richard Kenneth Roach
Graham John Saunders
Henry Thomas Scourfield
Clifford Snow
Elfed David Thomas
Noel Thomas†
Arthur Glyndwr Wilkins
David Austin Wilkinson
Keith Amon Williams
Glyndwr Evans
Patrick Christopher Henebery

David Albert Stuart Hay
Ivor Gordon Barnes
Donald Baxter
Felix Beck
Ralph Davies
Robert Alun Davies
Spencer Aeron Davies
Glyndwr Drew
David Eric Edmunds‡
Francis William Edwards
William Brian Edwards
David Thomas Evans
Ronald Austin Evans
John David Fryer
Michael Frederick Heitman
Frederick Joseph Hodder
David Mansel James
Graham Arthur Jones
Thomas David Jones
Malcolm Beecham Lloyd‡
Haydn Jones Manning
Kenneth Morgan
Angus Parker
Leslie George Pope
Roger Presswood
Brian Durman Rees
Eugene Harding Ryan
Alec James Smith‡
Norman Frank Taylor
John Herbert Thomas
Mostyn Thomas
John Thomas Tudor
Geraint Walters
Malcolm Phillips Warden

†Noel Thomas has an entry in the Headmasters’ section of this website
‡D.E. Edmunds, M.B. Lloyd and A.J. Smith have entries in the Former Pupils section of this website.

In addition to the pupils entering Form 1, there was an usually large number of pupils entering higher forms, as follows:

Form 3 Alpha

Ben Cohen*
David Gareth Evans
Denzil John Hamblin
John Trevor Harris

Tudor James Lewis
David Teague Morgan
Leslie Herbert Underhill*

Form 3A

David Colin Davies
Iorweth Williams

Leslie Williams

Form 3C.

Douglas Anthony Cook*

Dennis Raymond Dean*

Form 4A.

David Reginald Mather

Form 5 Alpha.

Raymond John Bloomfield*
Ray Anthony Eaton*
John Norman Pritchard*

Keith George Randall*
Tudor Russell Evans

Form 5A

Bernard Joseph Coughlin

Thomas Winnell

Form 6C

Neville Barrymore Griffiths

*These boys were previously on the roll of Ilford County High School, (ICHS). The Ilford school had shared the Trecynon premises for about one year after ICHS was evacuated to Aberdare during WW2. Most of the boys started to return to Ilford after the 1941 school year, but we can only assume that the families of these boys chose to keep their sons in Aberdare a little longer for some unknown reasons. ICHS had operated independently of their wartime host school, (even though sharing the same building), as did Ilford County High School for Girls, which shared the Plasdraw girls’ school.