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Names of pupils who were in the 1938 Entry

from School Records

1 Alpha

1 A

Conrad Bayliss
Donald Eric Bird
Cecil Bloom
Dewi Teify Brace
Vincent Chidgey
Russell Charles Collier
Ernest George Cross
Alwyn Denzel Davies
Ivan John Davies
John Elvet Davies
David Dobson
William Victor Edwards
John England
Percy William Evans
James Eric Evill
William Raymond Gregory
Neville Barrymore Griffiths
Derek Bryan Granville Hoggins
Deric George Jenkins
Balfour Jones
Kenneth Rees Jones
Thomas Griffith Jones
Mervyn Lawrence
Frederick David Manning
Merlyn Ceredig Morgan
Thomas Leonard Price
Richard Gerald Reynolds
Alun Francis Roberts
Thomas Henry Saunders
Ronald Phillip Stratford
Edwin Kenneth Taylor
Leonard Morgan Whitmarsh

Lyndhurst Bessell
Elfed Jonah Bowen
Bernard Joseph Coughlin
Edward Creedon
Delfryn Alun Davies
Howard Davies
Iorweth Wynne Davies
Norman Davies
William Benjamin Davies
William Henry Davies
John Evans
Nantlais Parry Evans
Leonard Griffiths
William Clinton Davies Griffiths
Iorweth Harris
Brynmor Hughes
Glyndwr Humphreys
Ronald James
John John
Alun Desmond Jones
Trevor Rees Lewis
Alun Tudor Matthews
Alan Stuart Morgan
Thomas Henry Pendry
Stephen Pressdee Phillips
Thomas George Pontin
Handel Rees
William Donald Rees
John Samuel Vining
Leonard Phillip McCarthy Williams

The boys of 1A can be seen in this photograph.

Len Whitmarsh (1926–2012), was brought up in Griffith St. He attended the County School from 1938 to 1942, and then went on to Teacher Training College. In 1958, he married Margaret Owen and had two daughters. (Margaret was a sister of Dai Owen, see the Former Pupils section of this website). Len taught at the Gadlys School, Comin Boys’ School, then back to Gadlys Secondary Modern School and in 1978 joined the staff of The Boys’ Comprehensive School. Around 1980, he was promoted to Head of Lower School, and retired in about 1984. He had a passion for family history, and became the first secretary of the Aberdare Branch of The Glamorgan Family History Society. He was also a keen gardener and had a plot at Abernant allotments. Len died aged 85.
Elfed Bowen (1927–2021) Elfed was a pupil at ABGS 1938–45. Following an honours degree in chemistry at U.C. Cardiff and a spell as a research chemist in Dunlop (Birmingham), and as a teacher at Porth County School, he taught at ABGS 1953–56. His final post was Head of Science at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School. Elfed also took an active role in the Aberdare Town Tennis Club & the Cynon Valley History Society. He is pictured in the back row of the 1954 Staff Photograph. He and his wife Cecily lived in 1 Plasdraw Road. Elfed died in July 2021 aged 94.

In addition to the pupils entering Form 1, there were additional pupils entering higher forms, as follows:

Form 3A

William Graeme John

Form 4 Alpha

James Elwyn Griffiths

John Williams

Form 4A

William Elias
John Daniel Humphreys

William James Morris

Form 5 Alpha

Terence John Dent
David Matthew Evans
Elfed Brynmor Evans
Eric John Hughes
William Glanville Jenkins

John Joseph Noel Parker
Mansel Trevor Pugh
Lewis Samuel Williams
Richard Anthony Protheroe Berry†

Form 5A

John Martyn Goodwin

Form 6C

Mervyn James Rees Morgan

Joining in the spring and summer terms of 1938 were,

Gwilym John Mitchell Rees, 4A

Joining later in the autumn term of 1938 were,

Hedley Daniel Palmer, 6 Alpha Arts

†R.A.P. Berry has an entry in the Former Pupils section of this website.