Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Headmasters’ Reports to Governors

old school

The 1897 Report  The very first report of the new secondary school
for the academic year 1896–97 given by the first Headmaster W. Jenkyn Thomas.

The 1898 Report  The second report, for the academic year 1897–98.

The 1899 Report

The 1900 Report

The 1901 Report

The 1902 Report

The 1903 Report

The 1928 Report

The 1938 Report  This Report was the first made to Governors by the new Head, William Rees Williams. Also known as Billy-2.

A Report on the first half-term of the Comprehensive School, 1978

A Report on the first year of the Comprehensive School, up to March 1979

A Report on the third term of the Comprehensive School, March 3rd to mid-June 1979

A Report on the Comprehensive School, June 15th to September 14th 1979  new