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This page houses a collection of articles and links to sites about various past pupils of the school.

Names in alphabetical order:

Christopher Abbott  1957–64

Doug Baguley  1957–64

Tom Barling  1924–30

Mansel Barnes  1940–48

Brian Lendon Berry  1940–47

David Berry  1943–1948

Tony Berry  1938–41

Surg. Cdre. Noel Bevan  1964–71

David John ‘Non’ Bowen  1932–38

Elfed J. Bowen  1938–45

Prof David Howell Boxer  1959–66

Dudley M. Bruton  1943–48

David Martin Burridge, CBE  1956–63

Ron Cooke  1939–45

Mark Cosovich  1967–74

Alun C. Davies  1948–56

David Richard Davies  1913–17

Prof D. Rowland Davies  1931–37

Gwynne Henton Davies  1918–22

Handel Davies, C.B.  1927–30

Jeffrey Rowe Davies  1957–64

John G. Davies  1951–56

Prof Mansel Davies  1924–30

Melvyn H. Davies  1957–64

Ray Davies  1941–46

Prof D E Edmunds  1942–49

David George Edwards  1955–62

Brinley Thomas Evans  1919–25

Gwydol Morgan Evans  1925–31

Prof Lyndon Evans, CBE, FRS  1956–63

Martyn Evans  1961–68

William Watters Evans  1930–36

Alan Excell  1939–44

Keith Eynon  1957–64

Ron Falder  1955–1963

Gordon Fithen  1939–46

Prof Colyn Gardner  1960–67

Christopher Geake  1964–71

Ven. Martyn Gough  1977–84

Alwyn Griffiths  1954–61

Ezer Griffiths, OBE, FRS  1901–06

Garfield D. Griffiths  1932–38

J. David Griffiths  1953–1960

Ken Griffiths  1948–56

Roger Griffiths  1961–68

Drew Haman  1952–60

Steve Hammonds  1957–64

Robert Havard  1958–66

Dennis Hoggins  1935–39

Stacey Hopper  1921–28

Revd Roger Ellis Humphreys  1958–66

Prof David Hyatt  1971–79

Revd D. Gordon James  1933–39

Very Revd John Gwynno James  1926–31

Nick James  1905–c1910

Mansel John  1922–1929

T. Alwyn John  1920–26

Stuart John  1941–49

K.T. Johns  1955–62

Alvin Keri Jones  1956–63

Brian Jones  1957–64

Elwyn Jones  1935–42

Prof Emrys Jones  1932–38

Prof Emeritus Gareth E Jones  1960–65

J. Graham Jones  1967–74

Leighton Jones  1957–64

Philip Jones  1943–50

Robert Jones  1933–38

Ron Jones, MBE  1946–50

Spencer R. Jones  1926–32

Trefor Jones  1919–25

Prof Tom Kelly  1918–24

John Kemp  1957–62

Geoff Kerley  1962–64

Anthony Key, OBE  1957–63

Meirion Lewis, OBE   1933–38

Prof Emlyn H. Lloyd  1929–38

Malcolm Lloyd  1942–50

William J. Lloyd  1928

Alun H. Maddy  1942–50

Prof David C. Marsh  1929–35

Prof A.D. Marshall  1975–82

R.T. Matthews  1948–56

John F Mear  1945–52

Prof Brian Morgan  1959–66

Prof Byron Morgan  1957–64

Derek Morgan  1945–1952  

Dyfrig Gruffydd Morgan  1939–45

Dylan Morgan  1957–64

James Teague Morgan  1951–56

J Gwyn Morgan, OBE  1945–52

Prof Kevin J. Morgan  1964–72

Sir Morien Bedford Morgan  1925–27

Morris Morgan  1914–20

Revd Robert Harman Morgan, OBE  1941–45

Walter T. Morgan  1923–30

Prof Tony Morris  1947–55

David Richard Owen  1940–46

Colonel John Edward Owen, CBE  1939–43

Brigadier Michael C. Owen  1948–53

Philip Pendry  1959–64

Mark Phelps  1975–80

Prof Huw Phillips  1958–65

Michael Pook  1953–60

Peter N. Price  1954–60

Tegryd Price  1918–24  new

Allen Prowle  1951–59

Prof Malcolm Prowle  1960–67

Rev. Griffith Quick  1913–17

Colin Rees  1957–64

Douglas Rees  1955–63

Idwal Rees  1911–16

Llewellyn Morgan Rees  1925–31

Brynley F. Roberts, CBE  1941–48

David E. Roberts  1956–63

D.O. Roberts  1901–04

D.P. Roberts  1896–1902

Winnie Roberts  1896–99

Keith Rowlands  1948–55

Tim Rutter  1921–27

D.H. Samuel  1924–29

John Samuel  1952–60

Robert Servini  1954–61

Prof Alec Smith  1942–50

Alfred Spiers  1918–20

Prof Chris Spiers  1967–72

David James Stephens  1955–62

Peter Swinburn  1964–64

Trevor L. Taylor  1934–39

Arthur D. Thomas  1915–20

Dewi Wynne Thomas  1936–41

John Thomas  1902–08

Prof Raymond Elliott Thomas, OBE  1934–40

William Idris Thomas  1902–06

Oliver J. Timothy  1925–31

Gabe Treharne  1956–63

Prof Kerry Turner, CBE  1960–1967

Prof Alun S. Vaughan  1970–77

Philip M. Walters  1949–57

Sir Alwyn Williams, FRS  1933–40

David V. Williams  1964–71

John Eaton Williams  1919–21

Roger S. Williams  1952–60

T. Arwyn Williams  1924–29

Prof Clive Williams  1960–1967

Sir W.T. Williams, QC, MP  1927–33

John Yockney  1945–53


Note that, out of respect for individual privacy, we don’t list email addresses on this site (other than the ones on the public web pages in some of these links). We have a list of email addresses of people we’ve corresponded with, in addition to the above, and some standard addresses for those who don’t use email, which we can send to any bona fide old boys of the school who wish to contact old friends.

If anyone wants to be included in the list above please send us some details and a picture and we’ll put something together. Anything you send us will be kept private unless you specifically tell us that you are willing for it to be put on the website; and it’s easy for us to make any changes that you may request.