Peter N. Price
ABGS 1954 - 1960

Peter N. Price

Peter entered the second form at ABGS in 1954, returning to his birthplace after eight years during which his parents lived in Worcester. At ABGS, Peter chaired the Camera Club, the Debating Society (which he re-formed), and the Play-reading Society. Outside school, he led the local Young Conservatives and was minutes secretary of the Central Committee of the Protection Association formed to oppose the Town Plan. In 1960, he left for Southampton University where he graduated with a B.A. (Law), followed by professional training at the College of Law in Guildford.

His life has been very full and you need to look up Who’s Who for all the details! So far, Peter’s career can be divided into three parts, each roughly of fifteen years duration.

He started his career as a solicitor in Cardiff and Pontypridd. During this period he stood as a Conservative in general elections at Aberdare in 1964 and 1966, and at Caerphilly in 1970. About that time, he was UK vice chairman of the Young Conservatives and held a variety of other political roles at Wales and UK levels. He also developed a part-time career as a freelance broadcaster, interviewing on BBC radio programmes.

In 1979 the second phase of his career began when he was elected as Member of the European Parliament, first for Lancashire West (1979-84) and then London SE (1984-94). He was a member of numerous parliamentary committees, including being Chairman of the Budgetary Control Committee. He was awarded Honorary Membership of the European Parliament in 1994.

In the current (third) phase, Peter’s professional roles are as a public affairs consultant specialising in EU policy and legislation, a part-time Employment Judge and non-executive Director of Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust.

He has continued to be politically active, having joined the Liberal Democrats in 1997. For the past ten years, he has been Wales’ elected representative on the Liberal Democrats’ (UK) Policy Committee and a member of the Welsh Party’s Policy Committee.

Peter served as a member of the Richard Commission, examining the powers and electoral arrangements of the Welsh Assembly, 2002-04, and was previously a Standing Orders Commissioner in 1998-99, preparing for the new National Assembly. He is a member of the Executive Committee of Cymru Yfory (the pro-devolution group chaired by the Archbishop of Wales) and an active member of the Institute of Welsh Affairs and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).

Peter is the son of Revd Dewi Emlyn Price and Kate Mary Price (née Thomas). His father was also a pupil at the school in the early 1920s. Peter’s grandfather W.W. Price, a local headmaster, legendary researcher in local history and biographer, was a socialist pioneer. He was secretary of the Independent Labour Party at Aberdare 1900-08, and a chief supporter of Keir Hardie when he was an M.P. in 1906.

Peter and his wife Joy live in Cardiff and have one daughter. Family leisure interests include opera, music and theatre.


This photograph shows the three candidates for the General Election of October 15th, 1964. Four of the men in the picture were past pupils of the school.

Peter Price (Con 5780)
ABGS 1954-60

Arthur Probert (Lab 29,106)
ABCS 1921-27

Dewi W. Thomas (PC 2723)
ABCS 1936-41

D. Gordon James, Town Clerk and Returning Officer was also a past pupil
ABCS 1932-39