Malcolm Lloyd

ABGS: 1942 - 1950

Malcolm B. Lloyd

Malcolm Lloyd (left) and Steve Hammonds, May 2006

Malcolm was born in 1931 at 54 High Street, which was then known as Beecham the Grocers, opposite the Rock grounds and the Western Welsh garage. It is now a car park! He attended the National school from age 3 – they started young in those days - until passing the “scholarship” to enter the “County School” in 1942. This was as much a surprise to him as it was to his parents!

He thoroughly enjoyed his years at ABCS particularly sports, playing rugby and cricket for the School, as well as captaining the athletics team that won the first Glamorgan sports cup for the School. He now recognizes that ABCS gave him a very fine education and bears fond memories of masters such as W. E. (Bonzo) Roberts (English), P.E. (Pep) Phillips (French), Aubrey (Bobby) Roberts (History) – he is shown in the 1906 masters’ photo. right, back row, and was an Oxford rugby blue – W . D. Towler (Physics),  E. C. (Caesar) Jones (Latin), T. R. (Butch) James (Maths.) and Gwilym (Little Willie) Williams (Chemistry). Also  E. J. Excel, the games master. His head masters were G. P. Ambrose and T. B. (Brin) Reynolds. During his sixth form days he got hooked on golf, receiving his first lesson from Dai Rees Sr. and playing with such ABCS ‘renowned’ golfers as David Bird, Geraint Walters and the son of the owner of the Conway Arms, David somebody! That foursome came to know every inch of Abernant golf course!

After attending University College, Cardiff, he did two years National Service in the RAF before joining ICI as a chemist at their only fundamental research station in old Welwyn, Hertfordshire, where he met his wife Pam, over a gas chromatograph – very romantic! There he developed an interest in infrared spectroscopy, which led to his joining the laboratory supply house, Baird & Tatlock, where he became Sales Director. After the sale of B&T to G. D. Searle, the pharmaceutical company, an American company, Hunterlab, asked him to open their business offices in the UK, marketing colour measuring instruments. Later he directed marketing in the whole of Europe. In 1976 the Lloyd family, which now included a daughter and three sons, moved to the USA, where Malcolm directed Hunterlab’s international business, opening offices throughout Asia, including a joint venture company in China.

Malcolm retired in 1996, doing a little part time consulting until 2001. He and Pam return to the UK at least once a year, to visit Wales, meet with friends and, for Malcolm, to play golf. They have seven grandchildren.

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Six years after writing this account we received the sad news from Pam that Malcolm had died on November 20, 2020. Malcolm had a great affection for his old school and he contributed several items to this website. Amongst his appearances on the website are
His recollections of his youth in Aberdare
Cricket 1st XI team photograph
Rugby 1st XV team photograph
Athletics achievements, and there are others too.

A death notice for Malcolm appeared in The Washington Post on November 29, 2020

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