James Teague Morgan
(ABGS 1951 - 1956)

James Teague Morgan

James Teague Morgan

James was born in 1939 in Harriet Street, Trecynon, Aberdare. He was the son of Morgan Morgan and Sarah Morgan (née Teague). James has his roots firmly in Trecynon as he was born in a house next door to the one where his mother was born in 1903.

James had an elder brother David Teague Morgan who also attended the County School, 1942-46.

James attended Park School just as WW2 was ending; he remembers standing with the rest of his infants class, waving flags as Field Marshal Montgomery, or his double, went past his school in an open jeep, some time in 1944.

He started working career as an apprentice with the National Coal Board, and afterwards spent some time in the RAF. However for most of his working life he was a constructional engineer in various process industries. He retired in 2003, and has amongst other things used his time to sort out his family history and to continue his interest in keeping his dogs. Currently he has a golden retriever, a bossy big hairy beast.

James, extracted from the 1954 school photo

James, from the 1954
school photo

This photo of James has been extracted from the 1954 school panoramic photo. To see the whole photograph go to Official School Photos in the site main menu. James is in the Section 2, 5th row up, 3rd from right hand edge.

Park School football team, 1951

Park School Football Team, 1951
Back Row : John Lewis, Jeff Harris, Roger Phillips, Jackie Prince, Dai Challis,
James Teague Morgan, Alan Bound
Front row : Mr E.T. Davies, Dai Jenkins, Michael Davies, Roger Phillips, John Yeo, Keith Treharne,
Mr Idris Davies.

James has his own website in which he has traced his family history, you will find it here: