Professor Byron Morgan

ABGS 1957 - 1964
Byron with New Zealand kaka bird, 2008

After leaving the Grammar school in 1964, I studied mathematics at Imperial College, in London. After the B.Sc, I went to Churchill College Cambridge for a PhD in Statistics. I worked for three years as the statistician to the Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge. I then moved to the University of Kent, where I have spent most of my working life, apart from various periods spent abroad.

My wife Janet and I live just outside Canterbury. Janet works as a pharmaceutical marketing consultant. Our daughter, Chloe, is 22 and works in Brighton, after studying Geography at the University of Sussex. Our son, Leo, is 19 and has just started an M.Eng degree at Bristol University.

Hobbies include cycling, rowing, music (piano and saxophone), reading, photography, ornithology, gardening and travel.

(January, 2009)

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