Brian L. Jones

(ABGS 1957 - 1964)

Brian L. Jones
Brian c.2003

Left school after A-levels; went into accountancy; discovered computers when they still had a mystique; ditched accountancy before qualifying, and worked in various computer related roles ever since.

Retired in 2003 as ICT Business/Account Manager for Rhondda Cynon Taff County, which is the local authority covering the Aberdare, Rhondda and Pontypridd area.

Married since 1974, Cardiff resident, two grown up sons, 5 or so grandchildren......

I used to be active in taking trucks of medicine etc into Eastern Europe, Poland in particular, but I’m too old for that now!

That activity led me into fund-raising ‘public-speaking’, and I joined Cardiff Speakers Club, went on to be President, and then Wales Area President of the Association of Speakers Clubs. That in turn led to a sideline in after-dinner speechmaking and practising the ‘Craft’ in all sorts of venues.

Election night 2008
Brian on the night of his election victory
in 2008

Working with local councillors eventually led to my standing as an Independent at the local elections in May 2008, and I became one of 3 independent councillors on the City and County Council of Cardiff.

Being a councillor for the Capital City has been a very rewarding experience and problems which have crossed my desk range from potholes in roads, litterbugs, dog nuisance, negotiating the Planning system, to asylum seekers, and armed robbers! Most people would be surprised at the intensity of feelings that individuals sometimes have about relatively trivial local issues, and sometimes total indifference to critical ones.

It certainly broadened my outlook, but after only one four-year term, a major health setback, which is now thankfully behind me, meant a realignment of priorities, and I decided not to stand for election in May this year, (2012). The seed had been sown however, and my old seat is still in the hands of an ‘Independent’.