Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School


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11+ Results, 1953

This list includes pupils who were destined to enter Aberdare Girls’ County Grammar School, Aberdare Boys’ County Grammar School or Mountain Ash County Grammar School. Those marked with an asterisk * are thought to be the boys who entered ABGS. In addition to these pupils each school admitted a small number of other pupils from primary schools outside Aberdare, and another small group transferring from local Secondary Modern Schools.

Scholarship successes

OVER 200 candidates will be offered places in the Grammar Schools in Aberdare and Mountain Ash Division on the result of the Glamorgan entrance examination.

They were (in alphabetical order):

Haydn Abraham, David E. Adams*, Jane Adams, William S. Addicott, Frances A. Anthony, Brian Averard.

Jeffrey F. Baker*, Alfred Barnard*, Roger Bethell, Hilary A. Bevan, Ann Beynon, Robert E.G. Blacker, Gillian Bowen, Wynford Bowen*, Howard Bushen*, Kenneth Brackstone, Valerie Britten, David Breese, Alun C. Butler*, Michael Burke, Allan S. Baxter*, Philip M. Biddle, Graham J. Brown.

John R. Carr*, Gloria J. Camburn, Marlene Casey, Angela Collins, Marian E. Cook, David Cummings*, Carol Cumner.

Alun R. Davies*, Anne Davies, Beth Davies, Elinor Davies, Clive G. Davies*, Heather Davies, Hywel R. Davies*, Ivan K. Davies*, Margaret M. Davies, Moira Davies, Morfydd E. Davies, Valerie Davies, Vivian J. Davies*, Fredk. D. Dean*, Hilary L. Dennis, Alan L. Dobb*, David G. Dore*.

Beryl M. Edwards, Hywel T. Edwards*, Kenneth J. Edwards, Patricia Edwards, Geoffrey S. Einon*, Lesley J. Emery, Gillian Escott, Barbara A. Evans, Gareth D.E. Evans*, Malcolm Evans, Robert M. Evans*, Sidney C. Evans.

Gwyneth M.E.A. Ford, Winifred Forey, Auria M. Frost.

Patricia Gaen-Thomas, James A.H. Gair, John F. Godding*, Norman E. Gould*, Donald Griffiths, Edward B. Griffiths, Elsie D. Griffiths, John D. Griffiths*, Rebecca S. Goldberg, William J.A. Gough, Gwyneth Gates, Geraint H. Gregory.

James B. Hall, Ian Hargrave*, Lynda Harrhy, Clive A. Havard*, Ronald Hawkins, Meryl Heggre, John L. Hek*, David P. Hicks, Joan Hopkins, Christine J. Hole, Janet Hourahane, Jeanette Howell, Gwynfor Howells*, Trevor A. Hughes*, Ann Harwood, Lynda E. Hammond.

Gwynfaryn James, Robert A. James, Barbara Jenkins, Anthony D. Jones*, Colin Jones*, David Jones, Eira Jones, Geraint Jones, Ingrid E. Jones, Huw Jones, James Jones, Janice Jones, Kenneth R. Jones, Marlene Jones, Martin Jones*, Robert A. Jones, Tilsen J. Jones, Patricia D. Jones-Williams.

Richard A. Kemp*.

Peter J. Leach*, Graham Lewis, Granville M. Lewis, Hilary Lewis, Janet Lewis, Melvyn K. Lewis*, David G. Lloyd, Gillian Lloyd, Gwyneth M. Lloyd, Patricia Lloyd, Rowena Lloyd, Jeffrey D. Lloyd*, Maureen A. Lloyd, Jeanette Logan.

Joyce A. Malsey, Jean C. McCauliffe, Heather McEwan, Clive A.D. Michael*, Jacqueline Miles, Selwyn Miles, Graham D. Mills, Clive J. Mordecai*, Ann Morgan, David E. Morgan*, Pam Morgan, Rhidian G. Morgan*, June Morris, Keith Morris*, Michael J. Morris, Beryl Moses, David R. Mosley*.

David J. Neal.

Leslie D. Ockleston, Keith Olden, Gillian Owen, Margaret A. Owen.

Michael C.B. Parfitt, Elizabeth M. Parker, David Parry*, William R. Parry*, Kenneth Parslow*, John N.A. Paterson, John E. Pemberton, Shirley Perry, Brian S. Perrett, Haulwen D. Phillips, Ian J. Phillips*, Raymond Phillips, Sandra Phillips, Mair E. Powell, Michael D. Pook*, Lyndon Price, Robert A. Price*, William J. Price, Anne E. Protheroe, Joan Powell, John Pugh*.

Valerie Quinn.

Dennis N.C. Ramsell*, Brian Rees*, Margaret M. Reseigh, David Richards, John F. Richards, Marian Richards, Joseph A.D.E. Rivers*, Raymond T. Rivers, Patricia N. Robbins, Margaret E.M. Roach, Veronica Rogers.

Alan B. Sage*, Winston Samuel, Adriano Servini*, William G. Seward*, Terence J. Smith*, Thomas W. Stephens, Magdalene Sweet, Meryl K. Sylvester.

Alun Thomas, Betty Thomas, Christine Thomas, Donald E. Thomas*, Glyn D. Thomas, Margt. E. Thomas, Kathleen F. Thomas, Michael D. Thomas*, Muriel E. Thomas, Ronald A. Thomas, Thomas J. Thomas*, Neil Thompson.

Susanne Vivian.

Kenneth Walton*, David E. Warlow*, Constance Weeks, John G.A. Wilkerson*, Ann Williams, David H. Williams, Emlyn G. Williams, Fay Williams, Peter G. Williams, Jean Williams, Marie F. Williams, Veronica D. Williams.

Michael B. Young.

* denotes candidates who are believed to have progressed to ABGS.