Aberdare Boys Grammar School

Entrance Scholarship results
for the 1942 entry

from Malcolm Lloyd

school building

Scholarship Results in Rank Order
Scholarshiop 1942

The ‘scholarship’ examination, known later as the 11-plus, was normally taken in the Spring Term before possible entry to the School in the following September. It was normal practice for the results of the examination to be printed in the local paper. The maximum mark obtainable was 300. In Aberdare, the Boys’ School and the Girls’ School would each take about 32 new pupils into their two-form entry schools.

The boy at the top of the list, David E. Edmunds, was from Hirwaun. He has spent most of his career as an academic, and is currently (April 2011), Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, at the University of Sussex. He is in his 81st year.