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Aberdare 11+ examination passes, June 1952

from Drew Haman

11 plus passes Aberdare 1952

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As a result of a new ruling by the Glamorgan Education Committee, we are, this year, able to publish a list of the successful entrants in the Scholarship Examination. The boys and girls named below have won places in the Grammar School. They are listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, not in order of merit, and schools and marks are not given, as part of the county policy to avoid comparisons between different schools.

Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Girls’ Grammar School

Andrews, David W.C.

Baker, Francis C.; Barnes, Derek; Boggis, Kenneth R.

Cleaton, Michael R.

Daniel, Kenvyn G.; Davies David T.; Dicken, Lawrence, W.

Eaton, Wiliam J.A.; Edwards, Gareth W.; Evans, Colin D.; Evans, David B.; Evans, Randolph P.

Haman, Drew; Harris, Robert J.; Howells, Robert E.; Hughes, David M.

James, Keith; Jenkins Phillip P.; Jewell, Michael; John, Phillip D.; Jones, Charles R.; Jones, David W.M.; Jones, Dewi W.; Jones Frederick K.; Jones, Howard; Jones, John M.

Kirkby, Keith.

Lanman, Michael A.; Lewis, Brynmor K.; Lewis, David G.; Lewis, Eric; Lewis, William D.; Lewis, Neil S.; Llewellyn, Raymond; Lloyd, David H.; Lloyd, Gareth T.; Lloyd, Merlyn.

Marsh, Peter R.; Miles, Henry D.; Mills, Bryan C.; Morgans, Gareth T.

Owen, David I.

Place, Brian D.; Powell, Aneurin.

Rees, Anthony; Reynolds, William D.; Richards, John C.

Sage, Martin; Samuel, John.

Thomas, Keith; Thomas, Vivian; Thomas, William J.

Walters, Malcolm R.; Ward, Kerry C.; Wilcox, Leslie D.; Williams, Allan; Williams, Roger S.; Winston, Carl L.

Arthur, Sandra J.; Askings, Patricia A.

Bolitho, Joyce; Bowen, Elaine; Bull, Jean V.

Caesar, Elizabeth M.; Couzens, Avril.

Daniel, Frances M.; Daniels, Ann; David, Rosemary D.; Davies, Ada A.; Davies, Anne J.; Davies, Barbara M.; Davies, Elizabeth M.; Davies, Jill; Davies, Mary E.; Davies, Patricia Y.; Davies, Rosemary.

Evans, Evelyn A.; Evans, Muriel E.Friz Brita G.;

Fry, Elizabeth L.

Griffiths, Florence A.

Harris, Hazel; Hicks, Miriam E.; Hillman, Julie; Hopkins, Edith V.; Horner, Mavis L.; Howells, Ann G.

James, Ann; Jones, Rosemary; Jenkins, Mariel; Jones, Audrey; Jones, Marilyn; Jones, Sheila.

Knight, Diane.

Lace, Ann P.; Llewellyn, Valmai; Ludlow, Sonia E.

Morgan, Diane; Morgan, Elizabeth; Morgan, Gaynor; Morgan, Mavis E.; Morgan, Patricia J.; Morris, Margaret J.; Morris, Sarah G.; Morris, Kathleen.

Nicholas, Avril; Nicholas, Pamela.

Overd, Kay; Owen, Anne.

Parker, Christine.

Roberts, Elizabeth P.; Rowlands, Margaret S.

Scribbins, Sandra V.

Thomas, Christine; Thomas, Sandra.

Walters, Kathryn; Williams, Jeanette; Williams, Katie.