Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School Buildings

A selection of images showing mainly the Trecynon Building

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school building

postcards The school on old postcards
Including pictures from
the early days
circa 1899 The School
circa 1899
Pre 1906A group of pupils
outside the school
circa 1903
Gadlys The school and its

with some enlarged detail
1956 view School circa 1922
Alan Abraham Plate A highly detailed picture
Scanned from the original 8x6‑inch glass photographic plate, circa 1923
School 1939 The School & Hirwaun Rd
Glass Positive Slide Glass Slide (positive)
circa 1940
Field Gun The School and the Field Gun 1956 view School circa 1956
school plan Plan of the school
Room layout as we knew it in the 1960s
The School Clock The school clock
Some stories of the old clock tower from the 1960s
New Assembly Hall 1960 New Assembly Hall
& Dining Hall

Groundworks Groundwork Preparations
for new school, 1963
Annex Construction Annex Construction
Dylan’s 1973 pictures Old School buildings 1973
A set of views not often seen
in school photographs.
Photographed by
Dylan Morgan.
1989 view School building 1989
The period when it was used as CVBC offices
1996 views School building 1996
Rare pictures of the school
taken from within the playground
video 1996 A video of the old school
building in 1996

A rarity which has recently
come to light in
Bob Jones’ collection
Martyn Evans paintings Paintings of the clock tower
A local artist and old boy of the school, Martyn Evans, produced these paintings before the school was demolished
Decorative plate Decorative Wall Plate
circa 1996
Cerys's drawings Pencil Drawing 1996
by Cerys Morgan-Gumm
school 1997 The school in 1997
The last picture we have
demolition 1998 After the demolition 1998
The devastation in 1998 after the main buildings of the school had been demolished
Appeal Clock tower appeal 2001
A letter from
Jennie Williams
to launch the appeal to save the clock tower
School site 2002 The school site in 2002
At this stage there was still a prospect of saving the clock tower
water colour Water-colour of School
in 2002
Appeals End of the appeal 2003
The appeal for funds was ultimately unsuccessful as described in this letter
2004 view The clock disappears
December 9th 2004

An article from the
Aberdare Leader
Llanelli scrap yard The clock rediscovered
December 30th 2004

Article from
The Cynon Valley Leader
Renovations to Trecynon buildings Renovations
Photos of alterations to the old building in Trecynon.
September & November 2007
Lifting the Clock The Clock Returns
Pictures taken during and after the operation to lift the clock back onto the tower, May 2008
Cwmdare School Site Cwmdare Rd Site
Some recent photographs of the Cwmdare Road buildings
Cwmdare Aerial View Cwmdare Road School
from the air

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